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Dang, I was digging through my old favorite links and found this treasure! Sure enough, there was 4 new pages since I last checked this. I was reading the comments and then checked the date... 2013!? WHAT HAPPENED!? It's 2015 now! Ugh, I really liked this story too... Please continue? Maybe? ><
Shame, Enjoyed this only to find it was dead
It already is more than a year ago :( I really like this :D
Poor Zangoose, having to suffer the terrible view like that... oh, and the pokemon body is bad too...
yes please
Please do not make it a whole year before the next page comes out.
I am liking this.
Will there be delays like the last one in the future?
Yay, it's still alive!
...Is the world burning outside? It's been so long since this awesome comic updated it might be a sign the Apocalypse is coming and I'm afraid to look outside.
I agree with Zero...I thought this comic was dead actually and forgot the whole thing. While re-reading it I was reminded on how much I liked your work and plot. I hope that we'll be seeing another page sooner than a year...
Yay! I just love this comic! It really is real world with pokémons in, I really do enjoy that :'> and your art style! I hope it from now on will stay here on sj ;'9
It took you so long to update that when I saw the comic on my favs I was like "The Fuck IS this?"
im betting on who hurt that sneasel it was that one guy who she kept seeing with the golduck he got angry with some guy named zac i guess
OMFG! I was reading that!!!
Moooooore! Moooooooore!!
I hope that you can continue this. It looks really interesting, and very realistic too.
Wow, this is such a realistic portrayal of the Pokemon world!! I love how you show the dangers of owning pokemon as well >< so scary!!
Just found this comic, it's great! Please update OwO
Are those Swat pokeballs?
-see title for comment-