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7 Years Ago
It's been a long (delay-ridden) road to this point, and now two years and fourteen matches of varying quality (seriously) later, it's finally come down to this... in glorious all-new high-tech SPRITE-O-VISION!

(For the rest of the battles, look in the Archives.)

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August 22nd, 2010
Epic win.
August 21st, 2010
Did you say the next season is going to be on You Tube? Does that mean the fight is going to be animated?
Season 1 - Credits
~We've made our way
Out of long long darkness
And we've made it this far
Such a long road

So let's go!

Shining all the way
Oh we're on our own path now
We can take it anywhere
That we want to go

Sweet song of love
Oh can you feel it too
I am always looking at you, my sweet girl
And I see you right there smiling back at me too~
Season 1 - Part 12
The original version had SC be more of a jerk by letting Lemmy leave without the trophy because he hadn't made it yet, and Bombette quitting in outrage. I decided otherwise because it's counteractive to his character development.

Head ahead to check out the credits!
Season 1 - Part 11
...Oh my GOD it's not a filler! With school coming up on me, I'm going into overdrive to finish these on time.

Yay, another that meets the size limit!

The final vote tally, after five weeks of voting... Lemmy 1, Waluigi 0. (-_-;)

Conclusion and credits next week!
Red Flutes. You never know when they'll come in handy.
You certainly know a lot of literary devices to keep your comics interesting, SC276. If only my character, E-Man, could have his crowning moment...
Season 1 - Part 10
If this is not SC's crowning moment, I don't know what is. Fried Dayzee, anybody? It's fresh!

Originally SC's Bond One-Liner was "Y'know what the funny thing is about pride? It usually comeths before a fall," followed by the sound effect for Dayzee falling being "FALL." I don't know why I went with the MythBusters reference.

I draw heads WAY too big.
Buneary? I'm more of a fan of Mewtwo and Diagla myself (I got plushies of those guys).

So, you got a DSi. I would have gotten the DSi XL, but I'm waiting until he 3DS comes out before I trade m old DS from anything else.

By the way, happy birthday SC276!
Filler 4 - See Things Through My DSeyes
Out of several items on my birthday list I only got two things (the DSi and Super Mario Galaxy 2), although some of the other things were still pretty cool, like my third Buneary plushie.

I like Buneary. :)
Who are those guys in the last two panels and why are they acting like those two geezers from the Muppits?
You really gotta be nicer to yourself.

...Is it bad that I get that from reading too much TV Tropes?
Season 1 - Part 9
Happy birthday to me! Boy, did I get myself a lousy gift!
Yeah, having lots to do and generally being lazy doesn't exactly help when it comes to comics...
I know how it feels to not update comics. Ever since I started to work on my Flash movie, "Epic Ninja Doopliss," I haven't got the time to work on my other comics.
Filler 3 - Skinned Alive
I also have "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen stuck in my head. It's very annoying.
Bigger Twitch lul.
*Reads the alt text* ...... By any chance is that a reference to me, or is it something else?

..... Oh well! You finally got this comic to fit on SJ for once! Great job!
Season 1 - Part 8
I think this one actually fits on Smack Jeeves. If it does, about freakin' time.
I don't see why someone would get mad for failing to do voices. It's just kind of silly, really.