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Command away! Yesh, there is a plot!


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October 11th, 2010
>update the comic.
July 25th, 2010
Do you guys see the lights on top? That's their souls.

Here's how those jail robots work:

When you get thrown into the Jail robots, you get knocked out. Your soul gets absorbed into the robots' siren light, So it's impossible to wake up unless your soul returns.
yell food, Joshua will wake up and melt the cages
July 24th, 2010
>get the fruit bats chain and use it to re-wire the cages so that joshua and the kirby thing can control the cages... or at least try to...
July 24th, 2010
Help that fruit bunny or bat or something..
Zoom out to get a better view of the place.
you found someone!
Look, I'm in space. The others must be in space, too!
>rescue Roxis first, to find he has changed his appearance.
You will see where the team is after.
>I pop out of nowhere and fight them and win! ites/ (technically a cameo)
Fusion Kirby
June 7th, 2010
I pop out of nowhere! ites/
(technically a cameo)
>go escape
Note: The last panel is the victory pose
sexy victoy pose
>victory pose!
The reason why the Steela(Steelix) isn't in the battle is because she's useful for traveling long distances.
Master J M13
June 5th, 2010
well if i'ts cold, LETS HEAT IT UP!!!!!!

Joshau used is epic fire punch
June 5th, 2010
you werent talking about me as a guest when you said thats cold?