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As an Alien creature from a far away planet lands on Earth he soon calls it home and decides to do anything to keep it safe. This story will not tell the life of one but, The lives of many and will show how each of them intertwine with one another. This is Zonow Story.

It's recommended that you read Season 2's section. Not reading season 1 will not make a difference.


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What sprite is that from?
Awesome as always ^^
yes! an update!
@parrish_broadnax: lol i already read this one on deviantART.

still good thoe.
Hey, I'm back. Also...Back log
@Sonichero_1: Thank you, i'm glad you found something that you enjoy todo on DA.
Yay for another page! Even though I'm late reading it. XD

Also, I love how you decided to have Zonow originally speaking another language! I'm pretty sure that's new. As far as I remember, he always just knew how to speak English.

Funny. I just realized we're both re-vamping our number one stories and both switched to DA. XD Though, I only made it four years here on SJ. Writing is far easier on me than spriting, or drawing like you do, so DA was great for their literature uploads. =)
I will always love your art, PB. =D
@ClareSilver47: Thats fine, The main reason for most of the switch was because of alot of trolling had grew for a few months. With Da, it's not as Rapid. There tends to be a lot more sprite animators aswell plus it allows me to get to know my readers a little more and not just have to communicate with only Comic updates.

Da just makes it easy to upload a comic without me having to worry about resizing a file every 3 minutes. I
ve had many good times on the site which is why I I plan to keep this comic us as a way to keep both my old Artwork and my new style of art.

But as for talking or answering questions I won't be present here like those years ago.
@parrish_broadnax: Well it makes me sad that SJ is sort of dying out. I really don't like switching sites, since SJ has a relatively good setup, though it makes communicating a pain
I'll try, I made a DA account a REALLY long time ago. I don't even remember the username anymore
@ClareSilver47: You're better off reading it on This webcomic is still updating for the readers who haven't quite made the switch over to Devianrt Art. And to hold the Archives of the original Season 1.

As for the lighting effects it's only for this Scene, i'm really trying to push how hot it is, giving the scene more life instead of just being a backdrop.

If you're really going to try and follow the series You should also make the switch. Most of the spriters I know that are still active has also made the switch over to Da since its a lot more calm. I update it on Sj just for those who still want to read the comic here, and I try to update it on Sj before posting it on Da Since you readers did come first.

I thank you for still coming to read the series regardless.
Huh, I hardly ever read any sprite comics nowadays. The fact I'm unwilling to read through 100+ pages for each comic sort of gets in the way though.

Though with sprite comics, the look of a comic normally increases exponentially. It looks nice but you kind of overdo the lighting effects.

...It's taking too long to load >.<
Wtf with these enormous file sizes and backgrounds???

You gotta cut back the quality on those backgrounds or I won't read your comic just cuz I get sick of loading this page for 2 minutes just cuz you wanted some pretty ass background images

Though I'm sure you've realized that the number of active authors from 2 years ago has dropped by an extremely large number. It seems most spriters are only active for about a year or two before they drop from the face of the earth. While some suddenly return, they seem to only stick around for another year before disappearing again.
People like Shard, Z, Afro, Meteor, you, and a few others are truly amazing for sticking around for much longer and still maintaining your webcomics.

You all have my respect man
I who never did anything for over 3 years
Amy quickly acts fast to protect her "child" Zonow has his work cut out for him taking on the Mother and Son duo.
Will he be able to make it out alive?or will these two she him the real super power of parenting?

For those who were wonder why so long for an update? Well I've been busy with a few things on DA

For those trying to contact me
@nyancat6650: Well, It'll still be here for you to go back and look at.
@nyancat6650: Heh benefits of wearing a battle suit.
@parrish_broadnax: zonow should be dead he went at terminal velocity into the ground
@parrish_broadnax: to be honest i found the first season 1 more entertaining
Ha ha ha, loving the epicness to amy here xD
@parrish_broadnax: LOL! Great work on this page, PB! It looks awesome! =D
@Samurai pizza hedgehog: Heh Why do U and everyone on DA consist on giving the lazy person who hates making sprite sheets more sprite sheets to do XD
Dat Amy pose. Seriously I think Amy needs her own custom sprite sheet.