Minor Acts of Heroism

The adventures of three young superhero sidekicks!

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January 13th, 2017
I would still like to know when you are going to start posting pages again. You have not done so for some time now and I am becoming anxious as to what part Zakris played in the demise of most of Nilus' family. I am also curious as to the origins of Simon and Sergio. They have been mentioned in small segments throughout the series though as to what exactly happened in their pasts remains unclear and it would be nice to see those particular loose ends tied up.
Just wishing...
I wish you all great cheer
This wonderful time of year

... Yikes why does that rhyme? I'd rather not do a poem...

Anywho, I wish you have lots of fun this holiday. Spend time with your loved ones, look back on this past year, and plan for the next. I wish for love and laugher to bless the homes of everyone!

Ok, ok... I'll wrap this up... (pun not intended, but I wish it was...)

Hey guys!!! Sorry for the silence! This time of the year is nuuuuts and @missveryvery got a little rescue puppy she's trying to bring back to good health!

BUT we haven't forgotten you lovely people or the comic! We're aiming to start posting again Jan 11th!! I'll keep you updated closer to if anything changes and thank you guys so much for your amazing patience!!!
I'm also curious as to when you guys are going to continue posting but even if it's gonna be a bit I love your comic so much!!!! Are you going to be at any conventions like Emerald City Comicon again this year? I really enjoyed meeting you both at that convention last year and hope to visit your booth again!^.^
December 1st, 2016
When are you going to post more pages for the comic?
This is cute. I would love to see the evil gang's costumes. The duplicating girls could be the little girls from the shining. The scientist guy could be Johnny, the speedy guy could be the black guy who could see the shining.
SO CUTE~!!!! =^-^=
Bing re:reading the series
My little monster :) awwww cute.
I like how the king is in pants and not a skirt.
This is beautiful. I'm loving it.
So happy
This image is great. The kids are so cute.
I'm so sad that we couldn't as Claude as D! I'm imagining a cloak that flaps for AGES.
November 2nd, 2016
Happy Halloween!
Hello! It's Adriana/Miss VeryVery! Kristen/Interpunkt is in Japan on vacation so I'm posting our little present for you all for your patience! It's the main kids in their Halloween costumes!

Simon is dressed as a rabbit because Bradley usually matches him and Simon wanted him to look ridiculous in a rabbit costume.
Sergio is a werewolf but a "friendly one". He added the ribbon so as not to look too scary. Everyone thinks he's a cat.

Nilus is dressed like a Kuliltu warrior, which just looks like a fish. She's fine with that and has no idea what's happening.

Not pictured: Bradley as a rabbit (everyone thinks he's a sexy rabbit), Julius as a very traditional vampire, Samekh as nothing because he's not doing this, and Claude as Vampire Hunter D.

In other news! We're starting Nanowrimo! Kristen and I are writing a novel together! Patrons of our Patreon just got a huge dump of info on the project and the first 3 chapters so support us now and you can get access to all of that!
Life happens
Don't worry about the time taken. Anyone who knows anything about art, is that 1) it cannot be rushed AND look the way you want it, these things take time. 2) even if art is your livelihood, more often than not, life does like to barge in at random. Getting life back out the door is often a very lengthy and time consuming task.

That said, from what I've seen, everyone who reads your comic, loves it, and is completely understanding.

I believe I can speak for everyone when I say the following:
We are all hopeful for fast updates, but know that, that is not always the case. We understand, and love y'all anyways!

So sorry for our sudden hiatus. Such is life, that sometimes you can't control everything happening all at once!

We're still super swamped but there is a light at the end of the life-crazy-tunnel. We'll be updating again starting Feb 1st!!! Sorry the date is so far away!!! We're working hard on a lot of things so don't fret! We haven't given up on MAOH in any way, shape, or form! We're just slow and busy and comics are super hard!

We're also doing NANOWRIMO in November (don't be mad! We'd planned to do this months ago and writing is way faster then drawing for us so we're hopefully gonna manage that while we make ourselves a comic backlog so we can update regularly again) so if you're interested in seeing our weird elf adventure story, we'll probably post some stuff up in our Patreon and on our tumblrs.

But the main point is:
We'll be updating again starting Feb 1st!!!

Please save the date and check back, and thanks so so much that you all are always supportive of our terrible update schedule moments! We know it sucks when things stop updating suddenly and we never want to disappoint (but we do a lot!!!) and we super appreciate how sweet and understanding you all always are!

We shall be back, soon, and stronger then ever!! Or really tired, probably. Probably tired but back anyway.
The Heart's Compass
Even though I still can't fully believe my eyes in regards to Julius/Claude's kiss... And, well, it's not like I didn't like it per se. It actually felt like a great step! (Because I had already come to terms with MAOH not being BL or at least shonen ai-esque)So it's a progress of sorts but. But in my heart I- I-...

I'm probably doomed to sadness tho >.<!!!!
*shakes fist*
September 18th, 2016
*now more relaxed than several pages ago*

Am I the only one completely in love with Julius' costume?? haha XD For real tho! He looks just so handsome~ (and hip(?)XD)
I'm sure Claude is the one I must thank!


Tt.. Damian Wayne.. he kinda reminds me of him right now
September 12th, 2016
Is there gonna be a Claude portrait posterin the shop? (or at least a plain page view)
'Cause I'd like one‼
Scratch that… I'd LOVE half a dozen for every room here♥