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Minor Acts of Heroism

Minor Acts of Heroism

The adventures of three young superhero sidekicks!
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Minor Acts of Heroism

The adventures of three young superhero sidekicks!

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I miss you!
Will yall be back? How is miss VV's arm? I love your work and I check back here a couple times a month always hoping there will be an announcement.

I hope you're well!
I see that I was wrong about Fourth of July. Well, please join me in wishing Uncle Sam a happy birthday. I'll check in again on labor day.
Next Chapter
So, any idea on when we will be seeing the first pages of the next chapter? It has nearly been six months since the end of of the last one. I would not be understating that I, and probably others, are more than a little anxious to see what happens to Simon, Sergio, and Nilus in the next part. It would be particularly interesting to see the origin stories for Simon and Sergio unfold in the upcoming chapter. Please let us all know soon when we can expect more of your well developed narrative. It is keeping us all on the edge of our seats, myself included.
I had hoped that you would be back by May Day. Should I now set my sights on Fourth of July?
Next chapter ETA yet?
Any ETA on the next chapter yet? I've been checking the site every couple days all this time ;-)
Love the story
Just found this the other day, think its great. The fancy vampire kinda reminds me of Tuxedo Mask. Can't wait for the story to continue.
I just re-read and released that Atlantean is pig latin. lol
@veryvery Oh my goodness, that is a super fun to learn!

As a fellow lover of his style of clothes, I vote that we should get to see Julius' closet (or a fashion show) at some point in the future! The more fancy cloaks/capes/jackets, the better! :D

I hope you guys are enjoying your break and resting up~ Happy Holidays! ^^
You're both kind of right! Julius loves clothes and doesn't like being bogged down by a set look. He likes different patterns, different colors, he even has winter versions of his costume. He even has a CHRISTMAS version of his outfit!!! It's sort of silly because he works at night and very few people get to see the more subtle changes but Bradley knows!
I don't think he has a costume exactly. I think he just puts on a nice suit and a mask.
Is it just me, or is Julius' costume different than it is now?

Also, I'm sad that you're going on hiatus, but glad that when this does pick up again someday, It'll be with the modern day kids. I'm especially looking forward to seeing how Sergio's fighting lessons turn out.
Look at her! So kingly! Aaaawww so cute! I loved this story sooo much <3
"Fancy Vampire" and "Dancer" are their new names going forward. They are too beautiful for me not to think of them as such. X)

Just want to take the time to say, you both are amazing people, and I hope that the hiatus gives you plenty of time to also spend some on yourselves~ Between all the crazy happenings in the past few months, you both deserve it! Rest up, have fun planning, and heal~ <3 I will be happily waiting here when you get back! ^^
Well, keep in mind that if a child accidentally murders a bunch of other kids without knowing what he is doing, then is taken away from family and friends and exiled to an isolated island with only guards who are prepared to kill him as company... he may not end up normally socialized.
"We actually tried stealing walls once but they were really hard to fence..."
Simon's math is way off.

Everyone knows that when you add a twelve year old and a twelve year old and divide by the third observer, you get two eight-year olds and an amused audience.
Yes, he has!

Because serving tea *properly* will do that for you!
If you're going to post things like "...right to a pile of dead nephews" you *really* need to add a NSFW tag.

Or at least, a NSFWWYCCHY (not safe for work where your colleagues can hear you) tag.
Haha, Samekh is so funny! XD Anyway, Naima looks really nice in their dress! So cute! <3
AAAGGHHH what an exciting end point D: So much has happened XD AND THEN the final page to tie it together!! Love it guys, can't wait for the next!