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Shorty Comics

by Hipper Reed
Basically a bunch of "short" comics that feature various stories of transformation and gender (or both). May or may not be safe for work.
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5 Years Ago

Shorty Comics

Basically a bunch of "short" comics that feature various stories of transformation and gender (or both). May or may not be safe for work.

Recent Comments

8 months. I do hope this is just a matter of work and other RL stuff keeping you too busy to share your lovely art with all of us.
Been a while, huh? Well, life's been a bit busy, yada yada, you know the drill. Still, here's the next page in all it's colorful glory, though story wise, not much is happening. This was primarily just a way for me to stretch my artistic skills in addition to setting up the next scene.

And our party has finally arrived at the church. This is another one of those "textless" pages I'm somewhat fond of. Hopefully Daisy's feelings are on full display through her body language, however, if you want to see the page from the original series this is based on go here:

It's the second half of that page.

Anyway, hope things are effective and as always,
Hope you enjoy :)
Well, here's the next page, and GODDAMN did it take longer than at first glance. Seriously. When I look at the finished product, it really doesn't look like it should have taken me half the time it took to make this. Eh, maybe that's a good thing though. I think I heard somewhere somebody say that if an audience can recognize the mechanics of the art, whether the execution is good or bad, then the intent is not fully realized. Or something like that.

Anyway, I hope YOU guys can at least appreciate this page at face value and I thank you for waiting.

Hope you enjoy :)
Well, I'm definitely rusty. Still, hope you guys will forgive me for the long absence. Hopefully I can start updating with somewhat regularity again, but I MAKE NO PROMISES! (Darts eyes left and right)

I'm feeling even better about shading hair now. It used to be I'd just amble along a contour, but no more! Now I make use of the erase function and thus obtain sharper definitions.

Prolongation of a scene
I know this scene has been going on for a while now, but please bare with, as Daisy's complete transformation is nearly . . . complete . . . (Darts eyes again)
Cryptic Fourth Panel
Yeah, wasn't very good at realizing early on that the blue mage is coming from BEHIND and so the part where she's looking into his eyes seems more awkward than it needed to. Honestly, drawing the BACK of her head would not only have made better sense, but it would have been EASIER and FASTER.

Damn it, you'd think I'd have embraced the chance to be lazy. For, er . . . artistic reasons.

Silly Hands Why, oh WHY?! Did I draw the mage's hands that way in the panel four? They're like . . . fleshy versions of the Hamburger Helper hand.

What I should have done to make it more sinister was draw the fingers, instead of fat and stupid, lanky and sharp.

Fourth panel . . . nnnnngggnnn!

Let the crazy begin! So this is the beginning of Daisy and the insanity that will spawn her. We see a glimpse of that in the final panel, where the mind warp girl catches a flash of the very near future . . . of psychosis!

But no, Daisy won't turn out to be a psychopath herself.


. . . . . . Probably not.

Intentionally Vague The backgrounds in the first two panels were a result of me not really having any backgrounds planned (yes, I script my backgrounds).

Thus the generic effect stuff going on in the first two panels.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy :)

To find the original pages this comic is based off of, go here:

If you wish to browse through this series, go here:

Feel free to commission me. Details, contact info and prices are on my Deviant Art Journal here:
Moo-ving It
Based off this page from the original series:

(With the exception that they haven't met daisy yet)

Explaining the Mix-up
Okay, I erred a bit here. There's no rational way to come up with how the blue mage gets around a city by walking BEFORE transforming the bus driver. Even if in the original, Daisy was there, in this version, since the man who will be Daisy is in a different locale, it just wouldn't work.

So I re-ordered the numbers and uploaded this page.

Sorry guys, I know many of you were hoping for the next sequential page, but I want this to be good and with less inconsistencies, the better. ^^;

I'm starting to grow fond of Red The red-headed bridesmaid is starting to grow on me. She makes great material for hilarious non-sequiters and easy punch-lines.

Though I'm probably evil for liking the position she's in, considering her circumstances.

What's in a name?
For the longest time, since I even came up with the character, I've always been labeling our bovine friend as "Ms. Cow".

Well this kind of impersonal naming ends today! Let it be known that today "Ms. Cow" will be known as "Ms. Honeysuckle."

Pending a better name offered of course.

Hair Shading
Came up with a better method for shading hair, and to boot, it's faster than inking each individual strand!

Hurray! Laziness!!

But yeah, kind of proud of myself for experimenting with it. I feel it better highlights the individual strands WAY better than I draw or ink them ^^;

Changes from the original
Mainly concerning Ms. Honeysuckle's appearance. As a human I changed his hair from blond to brown. Not entirely sure why other than it seemed to fit with the over all color scheme of the comic and hey, it was going to be brown after the transformation anyway, so why not, right?

The bovine form is quite a bit different. No udders this time. (How the hell can a cow girl have udders AND boobs? I suppose it's as possible as anything given the world my comics are in but still, there is NO modicum of logic in that. Either udders or boobs. Choose wisely!!)

Also no clothes. So, you know, if you didn't feel like this comic was particularly suited for minors, you should probably have a good idea now.

And, the more astute among you may notice she is NOT branded this time. This might come into play later in the story.


Anyway, guys, hope you enjoy :)
will the continued ?
when the continued ?
Based off this page of the original series:

This page brought to you by Open Palms and the Color Red
Yeeaahhhh . . . . Probably too much red on this page.

See, I kind of wanted to mesh the foreground colors with the redish tint to the sky but it almost looks like I put a huge red filter on everything, like major Hollywood movies do in the name "realism".

This is a Webcomic. A TG fantasy cartoony comic.
Too much realism just doesn't belong here.

And yeah, don't know what my subconscious was thinking when it said, "Draw hands with open palms. Open palms are boss!"
"But what about variety and fitting the pose and postures and body expressions an--"
"Okay! Yeesh. Settle down, subconscious. You're being a douche . . ."

I think I might have side tracked a bit . . .

Anyway, yeah there's that and too much red, probably.

Not only that but there are THREE redheads in the same page here!

What is this, The Wotch ?

Poor Little Crying Puppet
Okay, I think I might be taking The Blue mage's sadistic streak a hair too far.
Like, Angel Stokowski territory too far, but we'll see what comes of it. Maybe she'll get a reprieve later on.


I mean, she (he at the time) DID try to mug him and everything, and wasn't very pleasant to his new wife . . .

But still . . . man, Blue Mage is a dick.

You got me Suicidal . . . Well, maybe not
In case anybody wants to know, Dave (the man who got dumped) is depressed, for sure, but I don't think he's suicidally depressed.

However, that's my interpretation and I intentionally left that part up to the readers because it's a kind of a touchy subject. Yes, you could say that ultimately his fate is better if he IS suicidal since the contrast between depressed and blissfully happy is MUCH wider than kind of bummed and blissfully happy.

But then again, it's a touchy subject.

I think he might have suicidal thoughts, but again, I drew him in a way where he's not leaning over the bridge's edge, so maybe he's just thinking about it.

Also, I didn't want this comic to be too angsty and without actually SHOWING his breakup or what lead to it, it's kind of pointless anyway.

Anyway, hope you enjoy :)

To find the original pages this comic is based off of, go here:

If you wish to browse through this series, go here:

Feel free to commission me. Details, contact info and prices are on my Deviant Art Journal here:
Hipper Reed
August 16th, 2011
TGW vs Shorty Comics
Well it's been another long while but I managed to get another page done. I think I'm going to start titling my pages for WB DX since it's not going to be too long (maybe fifty or so pages).

I kind of like the idea of doing shorter, more concise strips as opposed to long epics, which are nice and fun, but I just no longer have the time for it.

I'll address this problem later in the week, (hopefully, barring another catastrophe), but even though I don't plan on retiring The Good Witch yet, I may decide to stop making comics for it.

I was thinking about switching it to a different medium.
Sort of.

Anyway I'll talk about revealing my idea come this Friday or so. (Again, barring any acts of Gods).

The many sizes of Gonads
This is a joint problem of not drawing for almost a month as well as not catching myself before I'm in the final stages of shading.

But yes, the blue mage should NOT be as squat and . . . weird as he's portrayed in the first two panels. The last panel I believe the proportions are right, but again, forgive me for that.

Give me a head with hair
Some people might have noticed I drew people's hair way more in detail in this page. I'm not sure how much I'll stick with it since it's a huge time killer trying to shade each strand, but the overall affect looks okay to me ^_^

Mr. Bouquet
Suffice it to say, this page is based off page five of the original comic I made years ago, found here:

In that one, the little girl is changed first (sorry for spoiling it for you newcomers ^^; )

In this one, Daisy will be the next character shown. Well, a version of Daisy anyway. Specifically one a lot older and more male.

Anyway, the older version of Mr. Bouqet, if I'm not mistaken, had blue eyebrows. I'm not sure what kind of acid was spiked in my tap that day, but now his brows are normal.

Still has those pointy implants though. I likes me te' pointy implants.

Blushing Bride
The final panel basically shows the same poses (only better done) as the final panel of the original fifth page of this series. However the text is different.

This is mainly due to me getting tired of every other cliche out of Eliza's mouth was "tee-hee".

So I went with a more George Takei-ish opening line. "OHHHH Myyyyy."

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy :)
I guess you're only choices when all you can do is think and feel is either to embrace statue hood and decide what you were before was a dream or just go insane.
Looks Familiar?
Despite the fact that this is a reboot in general, many eagle-eyed readers may noticed I updated a few poses and "shots" from THIS page:

Especially that page's fourth panel (the penultimate panel in this page).

The Amazing Technicolor Bridesmaids
This time around, I decided to color the dresses for the new bridesmaids differently, instead of giving them all the same pink and . . . pinker . . . motif.

I think the variety adds more character to the otherwise mind-crushed victims (I mean maids).

Action backgrounds
To be honest, I was sorely tempted to just make those "gradient" backgrounds but they didn't seem special enough, so I added some scenery.

Yes, I realize it doesn't make much sense and may actually serve to further confuse, but hopefully the Mage's comment underneath the four panels helps relay the situation.

I'm actually quite fond of the "emerald forest" effect the fourth panel has and I'm rather sad it's only imaginary and likely won't be appearing again in this series.

My "waterfall" effects need a bit more work, however ^^;

At first I wasn't sure having a chibi Gonad would have been a good idea, considering the situation.

But the tone of the comic on the whole, I feel, is a bit more lighthearted on the surface, though with dark undertones.

So the fact he goes from cute Chibi to scary psychopath in two panels adds the desired contrast to convey such feelings.

At least that's what I was going for ^^;

As mentioned above, the poses (with the exception of the Brunette maid) in the last panel all are directly made from the fifth panel of this page:

Anyway, hope you enjoy :)
Old pose, new paint
So the last panel of this page shows Eliza and the mage posing in exactly the same way they did in the first panel here:

Puppets and Mind Control
I'm not sure what would be worse. At first it'd be easy to say Ms. Red has it worse since she's experiencing the torture of not being able to control her body.

But at least she still has her mind. The other women may be free to move as they see fit but they no longer control their own thoughts.

It's an interesting concept. I definitely think keeping somebody aware of their entrapment is more vindictive, but still not sure if it's less preferable to losing your mind entirely.

Best Kiss Ever
There needs to be more gay and lesbian kissing. In like, ALL forms of media ^_^

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying it :thumbsup:

To find the original pages this comic is based off of, go here:

Feel free to commission me. Details, contact info and prices are on my Deviant Art Journal here:
It returns
Finally, a continuation of the reboot of one of my first series (original found here: ).

This is the next page to the DX version (beginning of DX series can be found here:

Maybe this time I'll finish it
Maybe. Anyway, want to continue it so here's the next page to Wedding Bliss DX, which was sort of cut short about a year ago.

Here's the next page.

Putting words in their mouths
Hopefully it's clear that the short-haired ginger woman isn't speaking of her own volition, but words are forced from her lips nonetheless.

Missing Person
The woman with the pink hair from page ten ( ), last seen being tied up or something, IS here with the rest of them but I didn't really see an opportunity to fit her in on this page.

Rest assured she didn't just wink out of existence ^^;

Wandless magic
I might have hinted at it before but here's a big clue as tot he source of the mage's power. It doesn't seem to be coming from the wand this time . . .

Shut up and kiss me
I always thought the idea of gagging somebody by kissing them to be an interesting, romantic take on the whole BDSM world.

Eh, thought it worked here at least ^^;

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy :)

To find the original pages this comic is based off of, go here:

Feel free to commission me. Details, contact info and prices are on my Deviant Art Journal here:
Congratulations. You've managed to give these thugs SOULS. Making their transformations into new beings all the more harsh in this deconstruction of transformation.
This is still my favorite page from the whole series
At least she's happy.
Why would changing one chromosome cause the total loss of chi control?
If the locket changed her outfit already, where'd she get the bikini?

I know I know missing the point but still...
Anyone can do body TF, mental TF is a fine art, IMHO at least.
Given how at this point Mike has likely associated being a girl with being tortured by the sadistic monster that is his sister, it's likely non-canon. I doubt he'd even be able to be around girls in general.