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the ramblings of a teen

by mcnunkee
a daily updated comic. it's really funny, trust me, you might as well fan it now. please send the home link to all of your friends and share the shit out of this webcomic! it would be awesome if i could get this thing of the ground.
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9 Years Ago
a daily updated comic. it's really funny, trust me, you might as well fan it now. please send the home link to all of your friends and share the shit out of this webcomic! it would be awesome if i could get this thing of the ground.


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That's so sad, yet so true=P
late upload
i uploaded the comic last night only to wake up this morning and find out it was a bad image source, so sorry for the late upload of the real thing.
October 22nd, 2010
Hhahaha That's hilarious xP
I don't understand how people can do that all the time -.-
I'm talking about partying AND studying xD
Photoshop is soooo annoying with a mouse O-O But I've been using a mouse for a while so I've improved and I'm pretty good at it, I guess xP I'm asking for a tablet this Christmas=D
You know, practice makes perfect and all that junk xD
And you're welcome~! ^^
lol exactly
this made me lol
paint can shrink pictures. use "strech" under "options" (i think, just check the others) and stretch less than 100%
mouse drawn
today's comic was drawn by mouse partly because i wanted to see what it looked like, and partly because wanted to explore photo shop a bit more. i don't really like how it looks at all, opinions? btw thanks ThexFroggyxGirl for recommending photo shop, i figured out how to compress images and it helped a lot. later,

Microsoft Office Picture Manager can resize pictures~ Unless you don't have that...
Photoshop could, too. Unless you don't have that, either...
Uhmm, well, that's all I can think of ^^;
Maybe there's some website that could help~?
techy difficultys
i had tremendous difficulty getting the comic up today, i dealt with apathy then messed up inking, then smack jeeves saying my file was to big. the comic will be a bit smaller than usual today and is not very good quality because i eventually had to take a screen shot of the picture while it was in photo so i apologize. hopefully it's still legible. does anyone have any turds of wisdom on file/picture compression? that would be very helpful. thanks for checking in,

i had some free time, so i used it to color the comics. i don't think this will be a regular thing (high-school kind of limits free time), but i will do it when i can. also, still in the experimenting phase, so i was wondering if the image was a little too big this time? feedback is always tremendously helpful, thank you.

this is better. lol, silly apple hq, so smart to make ppl spend more money...
new stuff
i changed the lighting of the picture this time, i think it's easier to read. unless anyone is terribly blinded by this (please say so if you are), i will be doing the rest of the comics like this.

October 12th, 2010
they are kind of hard to read.... and i suggest deleting the first page, to avoid the confusion
October 12th, 2010
just a little info/question
i accidently uploaded nothing in the first comic today, so excuse me if there is two. this is the one you want to look at, however!

what's up guys? long time no author/reader relationship. reason for no comics over summer and into the school year: in the summer i was lazy (aren't we all?) and my wacom does not work with my new laptop. hopefully the laptop thing will get sorted out soon. if you are having trouble reading the comics i am posting please say so and i will try and come up with a solution. maybe an author/illustrator thing? (:/ you think about it. for those of you wondering how i am still posting amazing comics,i am drawing them on paper, inking them, erasing the pencil, and taking pictures of the paper. (hardcore, right?)

July 16th, 2010
the hunt
this morning i got up and it turns ou the air conditioner was broken. so my mom had to go out WITHOUT MAKING ME BREAKFAST. shit was real then. i then proceeded to kill my own pig, and after that i grew my own wheat to make cereal. when mom came back the house was burned down, but my pride was still in tact.
it's stuff like this
it's stuff like this that puts a lump in my throat. here's the story: a random added me as a friend, and i was like "cool, waht's wrong with more friends?" then i saw he had mw2. "maybe he has alot in common with me i thought," and i sent him an invite. the rawness of just a simple "no" set me back a little. maybe adventures with online anonymity isn't for everyone.

July 14th, 2010
if only
again with the hidden from public thing. if anyone knows how to fix this shiznit, please leave it in the comments.

being a dog owner, i've grown to hate dogs. i mean, other dogs, my dogs fine. if i had my way, every time a dog smaller than halfway down my shin pishered me off i could kick it and the nearest person would measure it and grade it. then the world would be a better place and the middle east would be a peace.

operation: curiosity
the website is hiding this from the public until tommorow for some reason and i dont know how to fix it so... sorry or whatever.

i've been watching the rambo movies lately so it was bound to bleed over into the comic. i'd linke to think someone with skills is reading this and will make a rambo/cat (crambo?) flash movie out of it, a cat running around with orders from colonel woofers. anyone? no? ok. anyway if you havnt seen the rambo movies by know, you should. they're really good.