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Seeing no other alternative, Nedyrr Auvryndar seeks her capricious goddess' aid to save her life.



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Enjoyed this, just getting to see the world of Drow expressed in such a short amount of pages is nice.
@ECGallery23: Well, I'm juggling more than full time studies and two comics at the moment so... a third is just not happening XD
@zenat: I can understand that. seems there is not enough time in the world for comics now a days.
@ECGallery23: Oh, I have a few ideas ;) Sadly, very little time.

Thanks for leading us on XD

Hope there is more to it.
Awesome, I love dark elves. Their Goddess may be a bit over the top sometimes but still gotta love them.
baby! <3 this looks interesting so far.
Aaaaand that's that. May or may not add to the story, it all depends on time and inspiration.
I... really don't like this page. It looked much better in my mind T_T
Never question a goddess of chaos.
Sacrifice accepted...
Child sacrifice is a perfectly valid way to save your own skin, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Well... obviously it wasn't supposed to be 'goddess' but as Lolth is copyrighted...
I never realized how big a problem I have with spiders until I did this comic. While searching for references I genuinely got tears in my eyes out of sheer discomfort of seeing spiders up close. But drow are drow... spiders are necessary.
I made this back in June 2010, but I've been too lazy to actually fix the text before now. So, ho hum. Here it is.
Enjoy the drow. I do ;D