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@Darwinskeeper: In which case, dick move on the new government's part.
@hydroknight01: If we take the good doctor at his word, and assume he knows the truth, then it was the new regime that suddenly learned about the hybrids and decided that destroying the hybrids and all evidence of their existence was the least horrible solution.
@Bottas Heimfe: More than likely, the previous government were desperate to cover their tracks before the new government discovered what they'd allowed to happen - and of course, the fastest and easiest way to do that was to destroy the evidence.

As for ethics - like the Doc says, these people clearly weren't concerned with ethics or international law...until it threatened to catch up with them and bite them in the ass, that is.
Least of evils...
I think the people who decided that killing all the hybrids was the least of evils. Beyond the matter of the new majority covering its own backsides, there is the question of what to do with the very distinct looking super soldiers that they created. As our unnamed "Guest" noted, releasing them into society would probably have been a disaster.

The most humane solution I can imagine involves keeping the hybrids on the island but that would be expensive and there would be risks. Not only is there the matter of somebody escaping and wrecking havoc on human society, there is the question of people finding out about the program. Not only would discovery be politically damaging but it would have created a situation where genetically engineered super soldiers, who were never socialized with the general population were mixed with that population.

Maybe "Guest" and I are being pessimistic. The surviving hybrids have lived in the den for at least a year with no serious incidents. Still, I think part of that is that almost all hybrids understand that its safer if they have no contact with humans. I wonder what may happen as Alpha leaves the den for good and humans start wondering about the "roof rabbits".
@Bottas Heimfe: most likely, they were worried about ethical people discovering teh project and killed the hybrids in order to save their own asses.
Could have made a deal with Japan. "You want furries, we got furries." But that would have ultimately led to everybody knowing about it. Politically it was the least likely to back fire in the long run, unless some of them got out. Oh wait they did mess up the purge.

The only way to make the higher ups pay would be to first get out of country, then tell the world but where to go and be secure from reprisal or exploitation.
17 hours ago
@Bottas Heimfe: Keeping them alive unfortunately opens up a lot of additional problems, a lot of which are tied to disclosure and expected reaction.

"Hey boys and girls! Guess what? Over the last 30 years we bred a race of hybrid super soldiers to do our dirty laundry under the table! We've scrapped it now, so we want you to show all of these wolf/big cat/snake assassins and rhino/wildebeest shock troops feel welcome as they try to integrate with your communities. They've never known civilian life, so we're counting on you!"

Covering their own asses for job security almost certainly played a role, but think in terms of potential consequence. Optimistically, you'd probably see fairly widespread discrimination and prejudice and at least a few outbreaks of violence. Being optimistic on our optimistic assumption, those might well be contained, but considering that the hybrids were trained as soldiers, you could probably expect at least some fatalities on both sides. Pessimistically, the violence might be treated as a rallying cry and cascade outwards with disastrous results.

To be pessimistic on a larger scale...well that's potentially the kind of revelation that revolutions are built upon.

Heartless as it is, killing the hybrids might very well have had the lowest projected death toll.
Wulf (Guest)
17 hours ago
It's the political kind of ethics. Where quickly getting rid of the evidence to keep up that clean and moral appearance is considered much better than actually dealing with a complex problem sensibly over many years. Won't have time to solve it for the next election, after all.
Ru (Guest)
18 hours ago
Might be that the people who stopped the project for ethical reasons weren't told everything. Like how human the hybrids were or that they were all killed off.
yeah i get that whole "no human experimentation thing" but did the government HAVE to kill the hybrids? couldn't they have done something a little more humane? if it was a matter of ethics that's what i would expect. but i don't think it is. it seems its more politics and keeping secrets than anything.
Kenno Arkkan
20 hours ago
This page had to be split in 2 :X next page coming next week!

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I still feel like someone behind the hybrids was a closet furry who managed to manipulate a military contract into fulfilling his (or her) dream.

But then the government realized they were sitting on a thermo-ethical time bomb and decided they'd rather be potentially accused of performing a genocide on experimental mutants than definitely accused of deploying tube-grown slave army of cute animal girls (which would have inevitably ended with a freeing of the slaves, thus allowing the Gen 3+'s to go forth and multiply).
March 22nd, 2017
A ver que día conocemos al otro refugio y se explica el porque es un grupo pequeño, ¿quizás una avanzada para explorar?
Moir (Guest)
March 22nd, 2017
Liters or not. I'll be in Canine heaven.
Nocheamante (Guest)
March 22nd, 2017
And this people is how Viera like the ever so sexy Fran came about.
Green (Guest)
March 21st, 2017
@Boodyismpillow: And so it came to pass that the Earth was carpeted with rabbits, and mankind and rabbitkind lived in harmony, and it was Good.
@McGrewer: yeah... well there will need to be a whole lot of different male partners too for both her and her daughters. they will have to try much harder to avoid inbreeding. MUCH HARDER.
McGrewer (Guest)
March 21st, 2017
Like Rabbits
It's almost poetic that Bonnie is a bunny hybrid. Because she'll have to breed like her animal counterpart to produce a stable population.
March 21st, 2017

I always thought 2nd gen were compatible, just only with male hybrids. Could be a whole "Jurassic Park" kind of deal.
ndrvr (Guest)
March 21st, 2017
Well, with Easter...
...on the near horizon there'll be additional pressure on Bonnie.
She sure is fast, but fast enough deliver all those painted eggs overnight...? ^^

And are there more -uncovered and surviving- 3. Gen hybrids?