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My life with Fel

My life with Fel

by Kenno Arkkan
The everyday of Fel and Al. Humor that crosses *stripes*
new page every MONDAY. Or at least that's the idea. Sometimes tuesday morning.
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My life with Fel

The everyday of Fel and Al. Humor that crosses *stripes*
new page every MONDAY. Or at least that's the idea. Sometimes tuesday morning.

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@Onivlas: That's what I was wondering. Remember Meadow? I didn't really get it back then but it seems like Alpha was using some kind of telepathy to train her packmate. That's why Moonlight asked "What was Meadow's head like?"

I was shocked when Moonlight joined Alpha on this senseless rampage. She always struck me as smarter than that. Alpha must have, unthinkingly used their link to overpower Moonlight's common sense. Pathetic.
Cheap tragedy moves people, but after 44 years I am pretty much tired of seeing it. I really hope for both to survive. Alpha deserves some peace of mind. Hey, torutre Alpha with the girl that Fel hugged after trying to sell comics. She can't kill her and she can't escape her. She won't have any chance of staying mad. That's it, Alpha needs Pollyanna. I really hope I won't see either of them die. Enough bloodshed.
Not good.
Not only because of the obvious, but this is a very public display. Robbing drug dealers quietly is one thing, but this is a bloodbath. I seriously hope the powers that be don't notice. I mean some of them might be incompetent, but if groups like the ones that were sent to dispose of the entire project, then I can only imagine they have folks whose job is to look for hybrid activity.
GJ, Alpha. You gone and done it. You made Moonlight do the dirty work for you, forced her to be a monster - and now she can not take it anymore.
If she dies because of you, it will be impossible for you to go on. If she lives, she will most likely not be able to see you face to face anymore.
I'm not sure if Moonlight is just trying to save the rest of the people or if she really does no longer want to be alive as a monster, but I hope she can snap out of it before the blade does it's job.
Do all members of a wolf pack have some kind of "mind connection" ?
14 hours ago
@Guest: I think it's safer to say that Alpha is unstable, and her connection to the pack has merged the minds of Alpha and Moonlight, causing Moonlight to become unstable as well. However, Alpha has lived that way for years, while Moonlight is unaccustomed to it, causing the strain on her mind to push her over the edge.

There's also the fact that Alpha just forced Moonlight to become a murderer against her will. I'd probably end my own life as well, if I accidentally killed a few dozen lives.
18 hours ago
... You've seen how many wounds she's taken already, right
19 hours ago
Ollie needs to blow Alpha's brains out and call it a night.
Blue (Guest)
21 hours ago
Alpha the lone pupper.
Yeah had a feeling this would happen.

Moonlight was raising death flags hard this whole Arc.Now about what happens to Alpha I'm not sure. The people are dead, so unless the government can figure out the sword marks and the bites they're safe. But I don't think they'll keep her around that's for sure. Most likely she'll find Chad again and it'll be another Fel and Al like situation. Maybe? So no Alpha Redemption Arc just yet,gotta have the fall first.

She's gonna learn a haaaard lesson.
Aaaaaand Alpha is kicked out yet again to another group. Tune in next time, kiddies.
Lone Wolf
if moonlight bites the dust do to Alpha's obsession then the rest of the crew never gonna forgive her for it, id be surprised if they'd even take her back into the group. Alpha may just end up a lone wolf.
J.N (Guest)
21 hours ago
Oh for fuck's sake.
Yah, if what's about to happen goes through, I hope you take every ounce of guilt for this, Alpha.
Comic: *extremely violent and depressing plot development*

Kenno: Look over here, a weed joke!
22 hours ago
Jesus christ how horrifying. Alpha you are about to learn a very... sad lesson.
22 hours ago
Making me feel sad but loving the story
22 hours ago
Is it safe to say that wolf hybrids are about as unstable as gen 1 hybrids because it sure is lookin to be that way
Kenno Arkkan
22 hours ago
It's page 420 bruuuuh

Just kidding. Winners don't do drugs.
24 hours ago
Ah, you can never go wrong with a thicc owl mama.
Don't get me wrong, sideplots are cool and all, but it feels like you might as well be writing an almost completely new comic from the ground up here (yes I know you said it's a spinoff).

It just seems kinda sudden to me how you cutoff the whole "Fel and the gang" thing for... this. Like, okay, we get to find out what happens to Alpha after she was exiled, but to what end? What is this all building up to? Why do you have to introduce so many new characters just to explain what's going on? And another thing, Alpha is a secondary character, we barely saw any of her outside of the trial, and you need to dedicate an entire story arc to her and what she's doing/what she did? I don't feel that Alpha's character was explored enough to make us (or at least me, personally) care about whatever happened to her after the trial.

And... this group of seemingly renegade Hybrids... is *this* the "Southern Haven"? It's not just another den?
@Guest: think of it as a spinoff experiment season. We'll be back to the mellow team couples shenaningans in no time.