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My life with Fel

My life with Fel

by Kenno Arkkan
The everyday of Fel and Al. Humor that crosses *stripes*
new page every MONDAY. Or at least that's the idea. Sometimes tuesday morning.
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My life with Fel

The everyday of Fel and Al. Humor that crosses *stripes*
new page every MONDAY. Or at least that's the idea. Sometimes tuesday morning.

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1: you go underwater
2: you kill the lights
3: ???
4: profit!
@M_Red: Is that a "Despicable Me" reference I see before me?
Stages in a Plan...
1: You go underwater.
2: You kill the lights.
3: We rush in.
4: I sit on the toilet-wha...?
Plan F...
No plan survives contact with the enemy ^^.
That's why there should ever be a plan F for "Fuck it good" :-).
Ah to be a leader lol
I have a feeling that they told Chad to wear his fursuit head when they're there so he can't get a good look at them.
Wait that's furry inception.
June 18th, 2018
@Harley: He/She literally were speaking for themselves.
Harley (Guest)
June 18th, 2018
@Sherberttcat: I very much enjoy this, so speak for yourself.
Fel is the new Ally Law
Didn't realize that game, IRL, had runners vision. How do I turn it on?
Deep down, I feel like Mugger makes sure she's got a light reflecting in her eyes so we never know her eye color. I bet she uses iris scanning on her phone too. No way we're getting in now.
On the internet, nobody knows your a raccoon.
Even if you give practically undeniable proof. XD With enough time and money, everything can be spoofed.
June 14th, 2018
What is this, Pacific Rim?
Khornetto (Guest)
June 14th, 2018
@Sherberttcat: then shoo, others want to see this refreshing stuff
Kitgaria (Guest)
June 14th, 2018
i think its kind of interesting how there are different female "types"? idk how to really describe it but i guess some of the females like Alpha look similar to the animal more so than some wolf females like this other wolf girly who looks more human-ish.

it seems the same for Fel who looks more "human" and Pawsy who looks more like an actual tiger
Won't lie. This B-side story is kinda boring, and flashbacks of Alpha's past, doubly so. I might stop reading for a while, but come back when the focus is back on the main characters.
michael (Guest)
June 13th, 2018
Wolfes have a couple that stays together for a lifetime and have pups every now and then and together they are a pack. after two years plus minus one the kids go off looking for a partner to form a new pack.
June 12th, 2018
It's the law of the jungle:
The strength of the pack is the wolf
The strength of the wolf is the pack.
June 12th, 2018
Sisters 4 Ever
Is this like a death flag for Moon?

I wonder why she left the den though?
She seem's level headed and smart so I'm guessing she couldn't leave Alpha on her own.
The Pack is for life.

This was great page tho Kenno