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Do Aliens Dream of Green Sheep?

'Do Aliens Dream of Green Sheep?' is a light shounen ai sci-fi comedy about a nerdy, scruffy looking inventor who accidentally orders an interstellar matchmaker through his radio transmitter. Matt, desperate for female attention signs a contract and Adan, the alien matchmaker, sets out across earth and space with his moody flying green sheep to find Matt his top-match in the universe, only to end up with a lot of tentacle monsters, all called Herbert, and himself on top of the list.


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Yes, I sadly can't find the time for my personal projects along time my work projects, so it'll will probably continue to be like this for a long while.
... aaaaaand gone again! Letting it go for a year or more is usually a sign of a comic's demise...
Thank you! Yes, I feared that too for a while! XD

I was beginning to fear you were gone forever!

Welcome back!
Yes, ^_^ but at what speed it will go, I don't know yet.
Yessss I missed you so much, good to have you back, Are you going to keep doing the comic? I really hope so.
Sorry for my prolonged absence. I finally found some time to pick this up :) hope some of are still with me!
@Ealynn: //To lazy to log in//
Please come back, I dont seem to be able to find any of your old links, including DA, I miss your comic so much D':
Background info :D
It was actually orginally a small press comic that featured in several books from the Dutch doujinshi circle OpenMinded that I founded years ago.

The main story part was printed in the scyfy Alien! book (there might still be some last copies for sale on line at - and the special "travel" chapters were printed in dutch in the summer specials from OpenMinded. The Online chapter continues the original storyline.
I think there would be a slight color variation :)
Awww, okay. I hope inspiration strikes!! Have you thought of ever getting the series published? I would SO buy a copy! :D
OoO I wanna travel like that.
Hm, he should use that Factor 95 on Matt more often. ;D
O[]O I also thought the same as Mat.
XD Haha! Utena.
( l l) He tans blue on his planet, but would he tan differently with Earth's sun? lol, I kinda like the look of the last chapter, but I love how Matt looks in this one.
(>///<) Totally a fangirl now for these two. XD
Pfft!! >u< I couldn't help "Awww" ing when he held on tight.
I love those alien sheeps. :3