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Join Mario and Sonic as their worlds collide, and they go on an adventure together.

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Anyone notice this comic is probably in JPG format?
Whatever happened to this comic? Well, I guess it's dead.
It's not big foot, it's GIANT STEP. You know Giant Step, the first Your Sanctuary location in Earthbound?
Why too much 4th wall? You should include this on your SM64 videos.
Stop breakin' the freakin' 4th wall. Anyway are you MarioMario54321, who made the doople story in YouTube?
MarioMario54321 is dead here... but not youtube and deviantart...
Oh com on
Seriously com on it's like super smash bros. Z
Well, now they'll probably crash somewhere...and also you can't really expect to see updates that much cuz MM has a hobby on youtube making sm64 bloopers.
Didn't Mario already say floatie?
OH MY...those colors..are so cool....AHHHHHHHHHHFWAAAAAAAAA!!!
Luigi's room is soo cool..
btw,MM,did you that i found ur sprites and used it but they're too small so i couldn't use them.
Real Humor
That's pretty awesome! Especially with the "When rabbits fly" part!
Laugh Out Loud
Never knew Wario planed To Go to Space In the 1ST PLACE!
The reason for the foot was funny!
that house is from earthbound! ill be getting an account soon so see ya!
LOL. Poor Wario!
Chapter Finale!
Mario and friends must find adventure before Wario and Waluigi do.