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The Art of Being a Fan

An open 'comic' featuring fanart! Rules within.
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An open project aimed at building a community among fans- place your fanart, advertisements, and general sketchbookery here! All welcome! (Except trolls)
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The Art of Being a Fan

An open 'comic' featuring fanart! Rules within.

Recent Comments

I liek your fana rt n.n~
remember guide lines n.n!
byt he way her hair is so nice n.n !
It's BIG!
I'll fix the size later :P
Soul Mechas
A full-page ad for Soul Mechas (tired of hearing about it yet? XD)
That chain is awesome and I love the details on the outfits. :D
Lol, you can say it- it's eye-bleedingly blurry. XD

Someday I might go back and fix this one, but for now I'll just leave it sketchbookery fluff. XD
Really bad...
So this was my first-ever attempt at drawing something solely on photoshop. I didn't know how to change the brushes, so it was kinda stuck on the blurry, fuzzy one for a while -_-"

Really like the iris though. P:
Lol, glad to hear it, though I don't think this is what the Brothers Chaps had in mind when they created it XD
I guessed the hirigana right! *victory dance*

(is it wrong to say that I think the girl is cute? it's a sad picture... I'm so conflicted! O_o...)
Shameless Self-Promotion
So here's some self-promotion for Soul Mechas. It's a story about one robot's journey to warn three hundred families about the robots coming to kill them. Trust me, it makes a lot more sense when you read the full summary. This is one of the main female leads,21-year-old Jessica Martin. She loves fashion, but loves her grandmother's prized hat even more. Her parents are imprisoned, but the charges against them aren't clear. She's a bit of a fighter, very outgoing, and rather optimistic.
Jennie Mars
June 25th, 2010
I LOVE the hair, and the expression is awesome. ^_^
June 25th, 2010
This is a fan art I did of my friend's character Isabella from a comic we're working on together called Out of the Shadows. (She hasn't shown up in the comic yet, but I've been wanting to draw her).

Character belongs to Gryphon-wings
And you can find the comic here:
So this one might be a bit more obscure, it's a fanpic of a bear holding a (shark). It's from Homestarrunner ( I forgot where it is, I'm sure you'll run across it someday... someday...*gazes out into distance forlornly*

I know it's a killer whale... my brother didn't have any shark plushies. Stupid brother. If I was him I'd have some shark plushies.
Sounds great! I'll be looking forward to it!
Actually I have a kind of novella-blog started and I'm beginning to get into my fairytale re-writes. When I post it I'll put the link in the author's comments. <3
Jennie Mars
June 24th, 2010
Thanks! ^_^
Haha, yeeees. Very cuddly story. I'd actually be interested in reading it. It sounds like an interesting take on the story. :D
Jennie Mars
June 24th, 2010
Another mermaid fanart piece, photoshopped using deviantart reference material (all permissions gained). Very sad... a reflection on the part of the mermaid that she's not really human, thus she has no face. Just thought I'd throw this out.
June 24th, 2010
Sweeeet! Nessie needs some fan art-- especially when she looks this cute!
Jennie Mars
June 24th, 2010
Originally a piece in my Digital Art Portfolio from AP Studio Art, this piece was greatly inspired by the clasical Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.