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(a retelling of Greek mythology, with more than likely deviation from the original myths)

While other gods on Mt. Olympus are known to be beautiful and laid back, Hephaestus is more humble in appearance and works his hands to the bone. However, that is not to say that the god of crafting and fire doesn't have any interesting tales about himself...

<<Current Chapter>>
7) Soul Man Part 1: Hephaestus recounts the beginning of the first winter with the introduction of Kore, the child of Demeter

<<Previous Chapters>>
1)Road to Athens:
2)Origins: Part 1
3)Passive Affection
4) Origins Part 2
5) Hermes' First Flight
6) Origins: Part 3
0) Under the Waves:


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Comment on Chapter 1, Page 22
. (Guest), 26 Jan 2015 05:30 pm
Comment on Thanks to 35+ Fans!
AmourLife1, 06 Nov 2014 10:15 pm
What would Aphrodite look like?!?
Comment on News about a Fandub Project!
selecthumor, 23 Oct 2014 06:41 pm
News about a Fandub Project!
A most awesome fan on deviantart, Justinian-RisingStar, contacted me some time ago and told me of a cool project of his to make a fandub of the Hephaestus storyline by a youtube series. I told him that he has my blessings on such a project, but he needs to find people to be voice actors for the series! Think of yourself as the ideal voice actor for Hephaestus? or any other character Well, now you can try in his project!

More information can be found on his journal here: http://selecthumor.deviantart.com/journal/Webcomic-fandub-490117450

While I am not officially doing anything in his project, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone interested to contact him and help out anyway they can.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Comment on Grad School-Based Hiatus
Hyper Shadow, 14 Sep 2014 11:55 am
Good luck on the applications and grad school. Hopefully you can update soon.
Comment on Grad School-Based Hiatus
selecthumor, 14 Sep 2014 10:09 am
Grad School-Based Hiatus
Hi readers,
I’m sorry for not letting people know the status of this comic since I came back from California a month ago as a lot has happened to me since then, most notably that I am now working part time at the research group I was interning at for more than a year now along with volunteering as an artist in a hospital for pediatrics and my preparations to taking the GRE Psych Subject test in this and the coming month, along with other grad school preparations. I am not going to make excuses to say that it is my bad that I haven’t told you guys this sooner.
No, I am not quitting on this series but I cannot promise a guaranteed update for the next few months due to the copious studying and preparations for graduate school applications that I have to do for the next few months. Once that passes over later December or early January I hope to get back into the routine of drawing, maybe even more than before.
Thank you all for being patient with me. If you happen to have fan art that you would like to act as filler updates, I would happily post them up and give you credit as the best fans a Select can ask for.
Comment on Chapter 7, Page 8
Calocor, 27 Aug 2014 12:03 pm
I have a horrible habit of forgetting to read comics when I get busy, and college counts as busy I suppose. Either way, my slow ass finally caught up with this comic again. I remember those good ok days when I read this and it had a grand total of 3 chapters. Memories.
Comment on Chapter 7, Page 8
shadowhood20, 04 Aug 2014 01:58 pm
If Kore vents her troubles to Hephaestus, this means he'll have TWO ladies with their troubles.
Hephaestus the Lady Killer >:)
Comment on Chapter 7, Page 8
WarriorNun, 02 Aug 2014 08:33 pm
Chill, Kore, Hephaestus is awesome!~
Comment on Chapter 7, Page 8
Frappecinno, 02 Aug 2014 07:17 pm
An interesting meeting, to be sure. Wonder how this conversation is going to go?
Comment on Chapter 7, Page 8
selecthumor, 02 Aug 2014 02:20 pm
I am going back to California for a few weeks so I may not be able to update until mid-August, but I will try my best to update when I can.

@WarriorNun (Chapter 7, Page 7): she clearly went to the same acting school as Woody Boyd from Cheers.


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