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i know theres probley a digimon author comic already but whatever.

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February 13th, 2011
mind if i use those angel wings?
i only have this to post png
>Agumon becomes Imperialdramon
>My face
the fact that this has 4 parts scares me...
must make yugioh card of it....
I found a pic and messed around with it.And yes, I do relise there are glitches.
June 26th, 2010
nice sprites ;)
June 25th, 2010
What part of "I just ADDED the coconut part" don't you get!?
AND it's 4 parts, so next will be related to the fucking video, OK!?
Did you read the WHOLE author comment?I just ADDED the coconut part...I hate it when people don't read EVERYTHING in the comic...
I hate coconuts...
I know the motion effect is crappy, but I used paint.
Comic based on this.
I just added the coconut part.
Atleast you put the WHOLE room this time...
@Rande:That happens when you don't put the WHOLE room of rooms when you finish an intro.
so does that make Impmon a Fur*Shot*
And now that's another spot taken.
@Renegadegear:If you do, there's nothing wrong with it.My 21 year-old brother still watches the early morning shows on disney channel. >_>
so you know
you can have 2 chars