Jared Davenport thought he knew what it took to be a hero. He is about to find out otherwise. On the run, Jared takes refuge in the Claremont apartment. There, Jared finds friends and rivals alike amid the bygone superheroes of yesterday. He will need all their help to survive a brutal enemy from his past. But even on the streets, Jared is about to discover the sky is the limit as he becomes . . . Blue Yonder!

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Is this comic dead?
Slam dunkin like Sha
Slam dunkin like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote inroimatfve articles.
last panel?
Is there an "are" missing after the first "you" in the final panel?
Yonder is kind of a jerk
Wow. Yonder is kind of a jerk. I really find myself wanting to see him get his come uppance.

(Great storyline and artwork, though! I'm loving your work.)
great dialogue
I love the dialogue on the last panel!
Panel 6?
I'm a little confused. In panel 6 it looks like Lena is the one with the shoulder wound trying to get Jared to "snap out of it," but if I'm following the action in panels 4,5,& 7, Kevin was the one who pushed Jared out of the way and took the flesh wound. Was that a mistake, or am I reading this wrong?

My apologies if that sounded hyper-nit-picky. I'm a big fan of Blue Yonder so far...just noticed this and thought I'd ask. Thanks for providing an awesome web comic experience!
I LOVE the last panel! Really cool look!
is this a BL story just wondering?
Wich got taken by iron...
In the world of physical violence chivalry is obsolete.
Frog is awesome!
He just thinks of EVERYTHING!!Well battle related...
Being a mother requires more mental fortitude than the haughty bitch would understand.
What kind of indentity?
Why 2 days?
This guy looks like a superpowerful and slightly smarter Gaston.
He creeps me out but I don't think he's the mastermind or he'd have already done something to him.
It's "All Might"!!!XD
Taunting competitions must be quite common.Don't know who wins but cold spell is just horrible...

Crab apples again...XD
The guy did say factory trap...
Best battle quote eve!
Great website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also feefbkdfcdea