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The Lavenders

The Lavenders

Meet Rose Lavender: hard working senior detective with a flair for the fabulous. She's a mom just like any other except for one thing... she's also a vampire. All hell breaks loose when her half-vampire daughter finally comes of age and becomes a target of The Society.
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The Lavenders

Meet Rose Lavender: hard working senior detective with a flair for the fabulous. She's a mom just like any other except for one thing... she's also a vampire. All hell breaks loose when her half-vampire daughter finally comes of age and becomes a target of The Society.

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Glad to be back! We have 2 more BlackWalker pages, then VeriasX, our original artist, will complete the chapter. We corrected some of the Act I pages, but the updated versions are only available via the Drivethru Comics edition. It's finally on sale for $5.99...
YEA!!!!!! Back from the dead! SO HAPPY! I needed it so bad right now, thanks for the update.
So, here's a page. :D

I'd tell the guy to respectfully Fuck Himself and then go to the Dean about what an Ass Hat the guy is!
Vaeyen is strict on discipline, but sometimes lax on fairness. Plus, this particular professor is a bit nuts. We may cover it one day. ;)
I have to agree with him, why is he being punished for something beyond his control and trying to be a good student?
Dress Code Violations
I mean, she would be, but the staff at Vaeyen sre just so, damn, thrilled they can even get Whisper to wear clothes at all. The sheer number of times they caught her just casually hanging around in the buff...

Werewolves, am I right?

Lack of inhibitions comes with the territory when you can cover up with a PETA-Approved fur coat at the drop of a hat, but maybe Angie should learn some discretion in class. Now she got detention. Oops.

A girl would never get in my school dressed like that. Love their dress code.
She'd Be A Stone Fox... If She Weren't Already A Wolf!
Sorry, not sorry, for that title. But Whisper is beautiful by a lot of standards. And, we are seeing some elements of a budding artistic soul. So, she's pretty much perfect. If you can avoid being decked when you steal her bag of Cheesy Poofs.

Kyle returns to class, only to give the cold shoulder to our gals. While we know what Darlene did, why he's punishing our Angeline is as-yet unknown. Thank God I started inking this page 3 weeks ago. I was losing feeling in my fingers!


Don't forget the whole Patreon and Discord thing. That keeps us alive! And right now? It's at ZERO! T_T
Ray... Ray? RAY!
So, Weiss is up to some fuckery, and he messed around with some of Maxwell Lender's men (loanshark and bailbondsman. It's a thing). What is that bastard really up to?

Also, OOPS! This page was supposed to go up Tuesday. Sorry about that. I just finished it because I am Six Shades of Lame. Blackwalker was WELL AHEAD, and I'm the one that crashed out. I already have a head-start on page 18, though, so we should be Jake for our usual update.


Also, Patreon, Discord... you guys know the drill. (Especially if you want more updates and color!)

Mistakes Were Made...
This villain seems really... "special"...

Whew! Second update ON TIME. This was one hell of a page. The edits were substantial because Kim and I scribed this thing 11 years ago. So what seemed like brilliance then... well, I had one job. And I blew it. The good news is, with keener perspective and experienced eyes, I was able to avoid the pitfalls in the final version. I guess it's ultimately good we waited this long to publish it. I've leveled up a few in editing stats. lol

The Patreon for the page is live, by the way. Originally, I was going to roll this into my existing account and roll with it. But I was convinced by Keith, Kim and a few loyal Patrons from "Pink Panties Productions" (huge "Ship in a Bottle" fans, by the way) that parceling this one out means that I can more effectively manage the rewards and incentives, and they are less likely to be lost. That, and you may want to take a gander at the heft of what we are doing there. In order to keep this team fully intact through this episode, and "Season 2" (which is a massive story called "The Seduction of Sandra Hobbes"), we need to rake in some dough. $1000/month to go 2x per week and full-color. No small task. But I promise, the rewards and access to the team will be worth it.

That Escalated Quickly...
And here we thought it was going to just be your average, run-of-the-mill shakedown! HAH! Rose and Ray arrive in "Old Bird's" lair and catch him "interviewing new talent". Obviously, the girls at The Foxhole like their boss, though. You know the old adage "Don't shit where you eat"? Well, in this business, it's "don't fuck the talent". Also, I'm pretty sure Jonathan's ol' lady (the real owner of the club) wouldn't take to kindly to that. Well, unless she had a say in the selection. ;)

Also, a new challenger? Stay tuned!

And STAY TUNED, INDEED, MAH PEEPS. A lot has changed in three years! First of all, WE'RE BACK, GODDAMMIT! We have a new penciler at the helm, so say hello to BlackWalker80. He hails, quite literally, from the other side of the world. If you know anything about the world of nawty comics, you're probably familiar with his character, Reddish. She made a guest appearance in episode 8 of Peppermint Saga: Blue-Gray Rhapsody a couple years back. I did the inks on this page as well as the dialog. Does this mean Keith W. is kaput? Absolutely not! But we can't afford to pay him a wage resembling "livable" unless we get some help. there's a fuckton of links on the sidebar now, so make sure to whitelist this page in your ad blockers, folks. We have Patreon, Discord (where the Patreon rewards are doled out), and compilations via DriveThru Comics! (among many other titles in our naughty repertoire). I've also moved the Chatango to a position right above the comments, so don't skip either opportunity. And, as always, we need your votes to help gain us some free advertising. You may also notice some smut ads crop up. This is inevitable, as no one, single income stream on the Internet is steady. So, with that in mind, please do not only click on the links, but if it is of actual interest, be advised that I make money from sales there, and by proxy, our team benefits because I can pay them more, and buy updates more frequently. and I'm sure all of you would love to see this beast update 2-3x per week. Sure you would.

Ok, that's it for now. So remember: VOTE! PATREON! DISCORD! INCENTIVES!


It is, MercenaryX. Next week, to be precise.
I pray this comic keeps going.
Not to undermine your defense of me and my addition to the story I wrote, but it's a little from column "A" and a little from column "B" in this case, Kim. I was attempting to convey that the life of a vampire has been left wanting for Rose and that in 500 years she really hasn't done much but (as you observed) "see the worst" that humanity has to offer. But, I'll admit to calling a spade a spade. Unintentional or even allegedly "well meaning" misogyny is still misogyny, and I may have blundered right into it here. For the record, no, Rose's life need not be defined by her motherhood. But as Kim pointed out, she was in a very bad spot here as the things she had grown accustomed to and comfortable with all came apart at once, to the point of despair. This new life gave her a shot in the arm and a renewed purpose besides just seeing things through the lens of darkness. It's awkward, and yes, it reads very badly. All I can say is: we get better. My only regret here is that since you chose to write in as a guest, MarlenaWatches, you won't be notified about this explanation.
Not quite
Rose is not saying that her life was meaningless before she had Darlene. It's more that becoming a mother gave her a different focus for her life. She was devestated by the loss of the man she loved- she was depressed. Having an outside purpose helped her get out of it. Rose lived for her job- it was her drive. That job in homicide presents her with nothing but the worst of the world but being a mother is giving her a chance to see the happier moments of life.
I was enjoying the story and art until this page. "I know now my life was empty..." Look, I get it, she's emotionally jarred over the death of her partner and her impromptu motherhood, but to go so far as to say life was MEANINGLESS before motherhood...just no. Done reading this now.
Is this comic on hiatus? If yes, when will it end?
By the way, if you h
By the way, if you have signed up for email natificotion of new posts using the button on the right, this apparently does not mean you get notified of every new topic or reply in the forums. You can subscribe to individual topics over there, but not to whole forums. And, if you have registered, then there are some controls on your profile page as I mentioned above, although they don't look terribly useful.I've been poking around to find a plugin that will manage this better, but haven't found one yet.
*another time*=five minutes