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The Lavenders

The Lavenders

Meet Rose Lavender: hard working senior detective with a flair for the fabulous. She's a mom just like any other except for one thing... she's also a vampire. All hell breaks loose when her half-vampire daughter finally comes of age and becomes a target of The Society.
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The Lavenders

Meet Rose Lavender: hard working senior detective with a flair for the fabulous. She's a mom just like any other except for one thing... she's also a vampire. All hell breaks loose when her half-vampire daughter finally comes of age and becomes a target of The Society.

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The mystery now becomes 'When Does Chapter III Start?'
Someone is in the know. But does she have her own agenda, The mystery deepens.
Act II FINAL (finally...)
Final page of Act II, at long last!

Seems Kyle isn't going for any of this protection bullshit. Then again, Darlene did kinda try to eat him, so to speak.

No guarantee the Cover for Act III will be up Monday or anything. We still haven't planned it out, even though the script has been done for years. Kinda getting back into making this thing after so long.

See you soon, though.

Why do I get the feeling the teachers opt the something?

Also for some reason when I'm on the mobile site it keeps logging me out when I try to post a comment unless I go to desktop mode.
There's the tea...
...and it spilled good, y'all.

One more page in Act II, then we will begin updating on Mondays with the Act III cover. It only took 10 years (12, if you count the original development) an interview in San Diego Citybeat Magazine, and a sudden Comic Spotlight while we were on hiatus to get us here, but the light is finally at the end of the tunnel for Book I, and we have at least two more books to go! I could prattle on about "finances" and "personal woes", but you're not here for that. All I can say is, as always, jump in the Patreon and keep buying our stuff on Drivethru Comics to keep these updates rolling.

Now she is being honest with herself most of all.
This reminds me of the whole me to crap. It's like she's projecting her guilt on to him. It's like she wants to blame him for her actions, for her own guilty Conscience. She regrets what she did but instead of taking responsibility she is shifting the blame.
Narcissist Much?
Rapidly finishing Act II. We will be working on Act III very soon! The DriveThru Comics edition will have some corrections, and all pages will wither be in color, or they will have the same toning style as the adjacent pages. For those of you wondering, the Prelude Chapter 0, as well as Act I of "A First Kiss" are already up there, as well as a HIGHLY porn-o-riffic art book put up by Keith W., our main series artist. Speaking of, this here is the last page commissioned to BlackWalker80. For those who must know, the decision to bring Keith BACK as artist is one of simple logistics: Blacky is best suited (in my opinion) to working on Peppermint Saga, whereas Keith/Verias is best known for his work here. So it's basically a decision based on my belief that this is the best way to allocate our amazing resources. But, going forward, Keith will be adopting a vastly more "anime" approach, as he is developing a new series of his own. More on that as it develops.

Darlene seems on the verge of expressing an idea here, but I get the distinct impression that Kyle isn't going to take this one laying down. That's a pretty hefty accusation she just laid on him (especially considering she almost killed him in the process of their "fun"). Kim's fascination with the unexpected twists and turns continue as this chapter winds down!

Darlene "Page Fault"
Well, that definitely qualifies as a BSOD moment. (does anyone even remember those? XD) Ah, teenagers. Three more pages in Act II. Then... on to Act III? We may need some help, though. Sales on DriveThru are down, and we do have a Patreon to try and keep all of our productions moving forward. So please consider contributing!

Working on all of it. Hang in there!
Just wondering if you're also going to be adding to Frilly Pink? Left it with kind of a cliffhanger. :) Looking forward to updates for all of your works... love the attention to detail.
Glad to be back! We have 2 more BlackWalker pages, then VeriasX, our original artist, will complete the chapter. We corrected some of the Act I pages, but the updated versions are only available via the Drivethru Comics edition. It's finally on sale for $5.99...
YEA!!!!!! Back from the dead! SO HAPPY! I needed it so bad right now, thanks for the update.
So, here's a page. :D

I'd tell the guy to respectfully Fuck Himself and then go to the Dean about what an Ass Hat the guy is!
Vaeyen is strict on discipline, but sometimes lax on fairness. Plus, this particular professor is a bit nuts. We may cover it one day. ;)
I have to agree with him, why is he being punished for something beyond his control and trying to be a good student?
Dress Code Violations
I mean, she would be, but the staff at Vaeyen sre just so, damn, thrilled they can even get Whisper to wear clothes at all. The sheer number of times they caught her just casually hanging around in the buff...

Werewolves, am I right?

Lack of inhibitions comes with the territory when you can cover up with a PETA-Approved fur coat at the drop of a hat, but maybe Angie should learn some discretion in class. Now she got detention. Oops.

A girl would never get in my school dressed like that. Love their dress code.
She'd Be A Stone Fox... If She Weren't Already A Wolf!
Sorry, not sorry, for that title. But Whisper is beautiful by a lot of standards. And, we are seeing some elements of a budding artistic soul. So, she's pretty much perfect. If you can avoid being decked when you steal her bag of Cheesy Poofs.

Kyle returns to class, only to give the cold shoulder to our gals. While we know what Darlene did, why he's punishing our Angeline is as-yet unknown. Thank God I started inking this page 3 weeks ago. I was losing feeling in my fingers!


Don't forget the whole Patreon and Discord thing. That keeps us alive! And right now? It's at ZERO! T_T