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As a royal messenger in training, young Link finds a strange, unconscious boy in the middle of the desert. Unknown to him is that this child is the king of evil himself, Ganon, having been betrayed and cursed by a mysterious demon. Unable to simply abandon the strange child, Link and his master adopt him into their family to become a messenger in training along side link.

Unfortunately. Not all is smooth sailings as Ganon grows up with and befriends the spritely Link and incorrigible Zelda during their adventures together; he slowly begins to re-gain the memories of his former life and his betrayal. When his demonic betrayer appears at the royal palace, Link and Ganon must save their friend and princess; but while Link and Ganon must work together to protect Zelda from the demon, as Ganon regains his former self, will Link be able to protect her from Ganon?

The Demon Road is a Legend of Zelda fan-comic that does not take place within an established game world or time-line but rather it's own, self-contained story featuring Link's new adventures.

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2 hours ago
CH3 officially on
Super stoked to start posting this chapter publicly :)
2 hours ago
There will be two pages today, as always, I do not consider black pages to be proper updates :)
@Chris: Not at all :D
Chris (Guest)
February 17th, 2017
It's okay.
@Stephan: Will the new Zelda game delay your progress? It's okay, I completely understand if it does.
Sweet design, but it looks like one hit and that sword will snap :(
Foxglove (Guest)
February 9th, 2017
February 9th, 2017
Ninja Kitten XP
February 8th, 2017
I love your art style so much!!
timtim (Guest)
February 8th, 2017
I love the design, so many incredible details! <3
Ooooooo! Fancy!
February 7th, 2017
New Schedule
Sorry for the month of no updates. Because of recent events, I have not had time to produce the double updates in my spare time and have had to limit myself again to the pages that the patreon has been funding. This means that updates are back to a page a week to patrons, and 1 page every 2 weeks publicly. The month to get everything re-aligned aside, going forward, this will continue to be the new schedule. Which I suppose was also the really old schedule :P
February 7th, 2017
2 pages today, because I don't think these are "real pages" :)
When the next update?
January 11th, 2017
@Space Jace: dude that's bloody genius
why hasn't someone used that yet
Micky K (Guest)
January 9th, 2017
Wouldn't be much to do if it were all sunshine and rainbows. Can't wait to see how this will pan out.
January 6th, 2017
Yeah ...tell me. How badly can it go?

A well known story-trope has made his move... you are doomed now.
the real plot twist now would be everything turning out fine
January 4th, 2017
Lol I have the same thought as everybody..can't wait to see how badly this might go. Especially with creepy people sneaking after Gabon..
January 4th, 2017
I just love this Tory so much. All of the scenery shots have been gorgeous. It's amazing how empty the land is though...
January 4th, 2017
Is there a Triforce piece for jinxes? Cause I think this incarnation of Link has it.