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Young Cannibals

If Charlie Brown got kicked in the Peanuts.

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An example of a sincere apology: I'm truly sorry for, y'know, whatever got your whiny-butt upset.

Works every time.
There's something about that undeserved look of satisfaction on Antonio's face that makes me laugh...
Overthinking is never a problem in my house. Why, I don't even remember the last time I had a thought. Yup.
Just because things don't always go according to plan...
I tend to be grumpy during the holidays... and every other time of the year.
Jacen (Guest)
October 6th, 2017
Every time someone goes shooting up a place, the NRA addicts claim that we can't talk about gun control because that's politicizing a sensitive issue (people dying and all). Yet when some other disaster happens, no one has any problem with immediate discussions regarding how to avoid said disasters. Thus, we can conclude that NRA acolytes are addicted to their surrogate proxy phalluses, and all other considerations are void.

As a side note, it's too bad you couldn't have Violet's mom say "Hwa hwAA hwa-hWA hwa-hwa-hWAAA?" Even an asterisk with translation below wouldn't have worked. Perhaps in future adult appearances?
This would be funnier if it weren't true.
Beer pong? Nah, bro... Appletini pong!

Now I'll probably have to do this for the DC characters at some point.
This comic is all wet.

Come on by tomorrow as we conclude our Marvel Comics tribute.
They call him Mr Tinkle for a reason.

Stop by tomorrow as we continue our Marvel characters tribute.
I bet the Hulk gets tired of hearing that "don't make me angry" thing. I'd smash some things, too, if people kept coming up to me saying that.

Check in tomorrow for another Marvel character update.

By the way, this comic was brought to you courtesy of Werner Ladders.
It's been a while since we did updates for an entire week, so let's see what happens when the characters from Young Cannibals meet some characters from Marvel Comics. Make sure to tune it tomorrow... same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

Oh, wait... that's the wrong company. Dang it.
Or better yet: "Kleavering the Kardashians."
Please tell me that story is about Violet "Klearing Out the Kardashians"... eh, eh?
Somebody needs to buy Agador a new television.
September 17th, 2017
I'd blame myself, but it's not much fun.
September 11th, 2017
As longtime readers know, I am not afraid of a lack of talent.
Can I get a refund for all the things school didn't teach me?