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If Charlie Brown got kicked in the Peanuts.

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Remember, true believers, you are made of the stuff of the stars... not that it helps with paying your bills
Same ol', same ol'.
I've been hiding from exercise. I'm in a Fitness Protection Program.
The only drawback to not being in the midst of WWIII is that we have to pay our taxes today.
It's also a very Internet thing to do...
I wanted to write an urban fantasy wherein a Gandalf-figure leads his followers into an evil netherworld he called "a realm of faceless hatred and infantile evil," to which one of his charges responds, "The Internet?"
List is kinda short, if you ask me.

Check out my friend's webcomic. He just uploaded his 500th comic the other day... all without missing an update.
Depends on the dumpster, I think. Supposedly, dumpsters near pizza places would provide good eatin' after closing, because the pizzerias, in order to get a write-off for any unsold pizzas, box up the remains and toss 'em. Thus, you get some decent food, and it'll overwhelm whatever corpse-stench the dumpster has. Supposedly. So if you ever find yourself down on your luck, patrol your nearest pizzeria after closing. There might be a line of hobos and Antonios, though. Antoni'obos?
A friend of mine who passed away last year made the "hungry dumpster smell" comment; I wasn't sure if he was joking or not.
Prince says, "Try opioids to get to sleep, Violet. I use them daily."
To paraphrase Prince, "I was sleepin' when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray."
Sad Fact: being a webcartoonist is not a great way to crash parties.
Helpful workout hint: if you're going to do yoga in your underpants at home, be sure to close the window shades.
Unknown fact about the writer/artist: he swims like a rock. It's true.
Anyone ever notice that Cheerios look like tiny, little Krispy Kreme Donuts?
Springtime... time for allergies.

I haven't done a Squiggle in a while (technical problems mostly), but I thought I should try this week. A couple friends of mine lost their dog, Reggie, recently. I never met Reggie, but he seemed like a fun-loving soul.

This Squiggle will run until 3/25/2017, and afterwards you can find it in the Squiggle library by tapping "Squiggle" tab up above.
Thanks, Kobe!
I wasn't going to say anything, because it's always possible that the Spurs could someday go the way of the Lakers (but I think I'll only be interested in SAS so long as Pop and co. are there to counteract the Trump-loving owners). But cheer up--Magic is back! And the loser Buss brothers would seem to be out. So maybe in two years they'll be back to being competitive.
Forget Shamrock Shakes--try the mint shake at Arby's.
As I was working on this comic, I realized I haven't had a shamrock shake in forever. This must rectified.
Violet plays about as well as the Los Angeles Lakers these days. I'm not saying, but... I'm just saying.
Nervous (Guest)
March 11th, 2017
Bars of dark chocolate with cups of coffee which give me heart palpitations which make me think I'm gonna die so I eat more dark chocolate and drink more coffee thinking that somehow my body will become immune but it never does and so anxiety is just constant