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If Charlie Brown got kicked in the Peanuts.

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I would be shark bait.

Oh, by the way, I worked on another blog. It's called "What Kinda Crack is Sony Smoking???" Check it out.
I love my bed. It understands me.
"I'm a moose! I'm a moose! Will you do the fandango?"

Wild 'n crazy times around here. If you're having too much fun here, check out our Instagram page. It's just as insane, but a different kind of insane.
Haven't done one of these in awhile, and not because I've been eating healthier. Work and other commitments kinda got in the way this week. However, some of you out there have said you like these brown paper bag updates. Maybe they just make you hungry?
My hobbies include watching YouTube videos, taking naps and disappointing everyone I know.
Aaegh! I don't like thingth that are moitht! Hghghgh. Hghgh. Waitaminnit . . .

Tho, you don't wanna be my friend? Hghghg. Hghghgh.
Spoiler Alert
They did not show Avengers 4 footage. :(
From what I understand, pools are 75% urine anyway.

There are a couple new features on the site.

If you look above, you'll see a button for Instagram; you'll get transferred to my Instagram account where there's lots of original artwork, behind the scene photos and other cool things. Give it a like and follow.

We've also reopened the Young Cannibals store. Right now, we have tons of cool designs for apparel in lots of cooler colors; plus there are stickers, phone cases, notebooks, mugs and oodles of other items. Let's try to bring to an end Cartoonists' Poverty in our lifetimes.
@Jacen: thanks. From what I've learned, this is a friendly shark. When sharks attack, a membrane rolls back to protect their eyes. This is guy is just smiling, and saying hello.
Excellent shark
Sorry for the extremely late update. I got back late from the San Diego Comic-Con, and I'm trying to get everything together.

Got a new Squiggle for the week celebrating Shark Week. Don't get bit.

Check out my photos from the Con in the Blog section.
Always wondered what became of No-Face after his stint at Zeniba's abode . . .
No surprise that he ended up in a kiddie-pool. Kids and water seem to be his things--after eating everything in sight, anyway.
If you're a fan of Hayao Miyazaki, then you might get this.

I scheduled this early in the week, so I hoping, right now, I'm posting lots of pictures from the San Diego Comic-Con. If not, call me a loser-face or something.

EDIT: It's late, but it's up... Check out my blog on the first day of Comic-Con. y-1/
Sometimes, I wish I was an octopus so I could slap eight people at once.

Sorry for the later than usual update today. This is going to be a busy-busy week. As you can probably tell by the Squiggle this week, we'll be attending the San Diego Comic-Con. I'll try to post as many pictures from the convention as possible.

If any of you are planning on attending the convention, I'll be on a panel talking webcomics. It's on Friday, July 20, at 8pm, in Room 29AB. We may, or MAY NOT be showing footage from Avengers 4...

Before all that, I'm going to try to add a couple new features to this site. If I can squeeze them in, I'll make an official announcement on Friday.

Oh, I also wrote another blog over the weekend. It's called "Jack Kirby's Krazy Kosmic Kollages." Follow the link... llages/
I just read that the water we drink is actually dinosaur pee.
We need a bigger pool.

If any of you are planning on attending the San Diego Comic-Con later this month, I'll be on a panel talking about webcomics. It's on Friday, July 20, at 8PM, in Room 29AB. We may or MAY NOT be showing footage from Avengers 4...
Boats are just holes it the water you pout ridiculous amounts of money in. Submarines are just boats someone forgot to shut the front door on.
Submarines are just boats that sink on purpose.
It's July, the bestest month of the year!

Instead of our usual Beach stories, we're going to try a Swimming Pool story. Who said this isn't the Marvel Age of Innovation?

Also, we're running a new Fourth of July Squiggle all this week.
Watch out Marmaduke, move over a new dawg in town.