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A choice between looking fit for summer and the Number 4 combo from Taco Bell is no choice at all.
Thirty-nine years ago, a little comic strip about a not-so little cat named Garfield was launched in 41 newspapers... and Mondays were never the same again.
Holy Tributes, Batman!!!
I have an idea for a rival to Twitter; it would be called Chirper. Instead of tweeting, you would chirp.

You probably already heard that Adam West passed away over the weekend. For a lot of us, he was our first and favorite Batman (he was for me). In honor of Mayor Adam West, we will be running a Squiggle all this week; afterwards, it will be in our library tab called "Squiggles."
I don't imagine Mr Tinkle and Gemma actually talk to each other via iMessage or anything. After all, Mr Tinkle is a dog and Gemma is a blonde.
For a home security system, I purchased a rabbit. I don't know how secure I am, but there sure are a lot brown pellets all over the place.
The Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album celebrated its 50th anniversary yesterday. I find some mild exasperation in the thought that I was probably conceived while my parents listened to this record. Nuff said!
That's the thing about talent. When you're a kid and somebody tells you "you're so talented," they have a look like "this kid's going to be next Picasso or Rodin; your parents must be proud of you." When you're older and somebody says you're talented, what they seem to be really saying is "you poor, miserable castaway; your parents must be so disappointed."
Sorry for the rough sketch for a comic this week. For work, I was sent out of town unexpectantly without warning and wasn't able to do a proper comic. Instead, I drew this on a piece of paper I found in the trash. Excelsior, true believers!
Q. Knock, knock.
A. Who's there?
Q. Doris.
A. Doris who?
Q. Doris locked! That's why I'm knocking!
Jacen (Guest)
May 16th, 2017
If only Antonio had said he was going to do "bigly" things...
Metaphors, yo.
May 14th, 2017
When you're reaching for your goals in life... make sure you're wearing deodorant.
May 12th, 2017
Not to brag or anything, but I haven't had a mood swing in... like, 8 minutes or something.
Trying to be funny is also a pre-existing condition.
"A comic artist ain't no different than you or me or anybody except he knows how to draw pitchers (sic) and is crazy in the head." I think Popeye said that.

Today is National Cartoonists Day (seriously, there's a day for everything). So go out and buy a cartoonist you know a beer today. It'll be a charitable act because cartoonists don't make squat and they probably couldn't afford the drink anyway.
Being smart is such a burden.
Remember, true believers, you are made of the stuff of the stars... not that it helps with paying your bills
Same ol', same ol'.
I've been hiding from exercise. I'm in a Fitness Protection Program.