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A story centered on a Gamekeeper and the Hunters that need her help.


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Me likey
Stumbled upon this link when reading about ermetic stories...but I actually liked not having a clue who the witch is after 2 chapters or the guy that stops the hunters, I'm more curious about the hunting seasons. It's like a "careful what you wish for" thingy, entertaining enough, I actually wanted to read more! Amazing drawings, the relationship between the witch and the mysterious guy really stirs one's interest.
...dupa 4 luni si
poate un update? candva?
An update! This just made my day~ <3
I'm the anonymous commenter on the previous page, by the way. I didn't know what name I should put then ahehe;;
@popcorncomics: glad to see you still around! Sorry for the hiatus orz

@ChiakiAida: Didn't my profile description already give it away? xD Thank you! I see the Romanian circle of artists is getting some new talents eve *WIGGLES EYEBROWS*
*surprised after reading the comments* Ro-romanian? OAO
yay ( /=v=)/ It's nice to see such talented artists nowadays that are romanians~ *is romanian as well*
@raluca-z: hmmm Poate ar fi trebuit sa fac al doilea cadru mai mic si al treilea mai complet *ponders*
atentie, cadrele nu te ajuta sa explici ce se intampla. La a 2-a citire mi-am dat seama ca tipa iese din fantana. Un cadru mai amplu si poate din alt unghi, dar similar cu ultimul pannel te-ar fi ajutat fix dupa pannel 1
@Kira-vs-L: For the lines, I'm using fineliners so I draw them traditionally. xD I only use a tablet for coloring and screentoning.
Are you using a tablet for drawing?
February 11th, 2011
Love every panel. <33 And also the tones. *U*
finally I was starting to loose hope in ever seeing a page from this series
January 28th, 2011
I forgot to add: tomorrow I'll post page 1 ~
January 28th, 2011
Sorry for the sudden hiatus, I'm forever distracted by everything.

To make up for it, this chapter will be longer and will actually contain some ~*~PLOT~*~.

Thank you for all the support and your patience! m(_ _)m
Your concept's really interesting and unique~ I'm loving it. <3 Also your skills in drawing manga pages. <333

Although I kind of wish that the chapters were a little bit longer. Anyway, I'll be bookmarking this to follow updates. c:
I really like your manga and I can't wait for chapter 3! O.O I want to know more about the main characters and their past...
You need to make a cover?Then(please)draw the bishie! 8-}
@raluca: yup, since I already started drawing chapter 3. I need to make a cover too hmmm
Any others coming up?
d'awww Another chapter ended xD
November 16th, 2010
More please! Keep up the good work!
November 5th, 2010
Replies oh sh-
@Loom: <3 And don't worry, I actually went 'FINALLY' when I finished this page, since I hated drawing the girl's hair SO EFFIN MUCH.