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Accepting Author Applications

Any and all are welcome.
But please, at least know how to use text boxes and backgrounds.
But as far as sprites go, if you join, please be prepared to improve, as some authors will give criticism. (But only fair criticism)

Omega: Accepted authors get waffles
Kinny: Are you going to make them?
Omega: ... Accepted authors get morrison's ready made waffles.
Zach: Are you going to buy them?
Omega: ... Accepted authors get imaginary waffles
Apply as a Co-Author
Like the truly magnificent Phoenix that it is, The Spriters Hotel is back and looking younger than before!
With a new Manager and old friends, Kinny Manuell is opening the hotels doors to any and all visitors!

Although this is indeed a sequel to the Spriters Hotel: The Revival, it is not the only one.
Please, give our Sister Comic a look:

We welcome any and all, from all around experts, to fresh faced newbies, and all inbetween.

Recent Comments

Yo! Maybe we should remake this comic again or something!

I've always wanted to be part of a Spriter's Hotel. We've got some cool authors over here in the land of 2014.
@hyperguy152: That. Is a good point.
@kinny-man: You probably should have marked it completed then.
B-But this comic's been dead over a year!
Once again, I'm changing my characters. I'm mostly going to just give them more defined personalities. Hyperguy will be more consistent and based on myself than a separate character. Cassandra will less manic and a moral center for Hyperguy.
Finally finished the follow-up.

Hyperguy is saying the last line there.
Master J M13
December 3rd, 2012
true true, guess i'll find some author comics that aren't dead :/ maybe this one will come back at some point
December 2nd, 2012
@Master J M13: Life gets in the way sometimes, plus I'm pursuing other things as of late. Doesn't mean I won't be dropping out of comic making entirely, my focus is just shifted right now.
Master J M13
December 1st, 2012
well, no updates in 2 months? suprising, character is Jester


but seriously, this place is dead
It's been five days, yet I'm the first one to comment?
Argh taking time making a hair restorer gun and working out the bugs. 1st attempt made me cousin It.
@Blitzn'Burst: Persistence, secret deals with the mob and lots and lots of hoes.

For gardening.
(Note this is not to insult anyone in particular)

How the hell is this hellhole still running? o_o
I'm just loving the version of Paint on Windows 7. Text will no longer be a hassle.
Frost The Wolf
September 21st, 2012
Just a resize and Brush+effect test in Photoshop
This was basically taking some sprites from the new persona fighting Game and Making them look like my two Human OC's Raven And Alex. Alex is up top on the Left and Raven is on the bottom left. I also put the original sprites so u can compare the differences between both. Any suggestions for how to improve?
Kinny was supposed to bring our second dear owner back home...seems they are either traveling through time, or they're in another injury. Oh, and no flame trail because's off screen.
@Master J M13:

That should be close enough, I guess

I know, it's shocking, isn't it?
is there an updated version of the floors? so i know which doors are taken and which aren't