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Follow the retarded adventures of Vomit Man and his friends.

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BAHAHAHAHAHA the last panel <3
July 4th, 2010
We need more comics like this
That is the cutest Vomitman I've ever seen.
I was at my friends house all weekend and stayed up til 1 in the morning watching ancient superman movies, and this is the last minute piece of crap I managed to pull from my nose just now.
I feel his pain. That poor poor man, not getting a taste off that delicious sammich.

He's probably like /wrist now. :C
i bet that sandwich was delicious
Look I posted a comic just like a promised :0

Making not-video game references wasn't part of the deal ;D

If I have to explain it it's not funny, but regardless, Master Chief wears a super-suit, and to my understanding never ever takes off his helmet.
idc if there's a joke or not, i still lol'd. probably too much.
I- I have no words to express how much I love you/this.
And you forgot the E in THE, which somehow just makes it even better???

Changing/disappearing tattoo

Oh god wat
This is genius.
Shit I forgot to make a joke.
best comic ever
everyone should have a cool grandma like her

also, LOL.
Cheap gradient backgrounds today folks.
oh god

you so silly
Welcome to the wacky wild adventures of Bear the Barbarian, the beautiful goddess Ken-doll and Ashface the massive capetillar.
I love this.