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Evangelion 303 imagines an alternate-universe where the characters of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" are defending our modern world in a post-September 11th age.


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Hahahaha. Oh, the glares from the crew... hahaha

"STFU and GBTW!"
Asuka got back!
Well, where to start...

The WAFF was always great. I don't think the Rei/Kaworu/Saburo stuff detracted. I enjoyed it a lot. I was already planning to pair R&K in Advice and Trust, but seeing it played out here was both a good read and helped me see aspects of them that helped a lot.

The darker moments of the earlier parts were great too. Shinji and Asuka's confrontation in the bathroom was one of the most tense bits of Eva fic I've ever had the pleasure of reading, and Asuka's final admission that she loved him back capped things off wonderfully.

Jessika was probably the first time I've really liked an OC that much, and her death was a deep, powerful blow. Asuka's turn to deep self-loathing and lashing out at Shinji was dark, but very in-character for her. I wish Jessika had lived, and gotten to see her friends get together, but you definitely made a real character out of her, and her death felt meaningful.
Don't worry, writing is going pretty well and EVA-303 is passing the test.
Happy to see things still up and running! Big fan, can't wait to see more!
September 28th, 2017
glad to have this back!
September 28th, 2017
I feel burned out too... stopped drawing and writing everything I was doing for no reason a couple of months ago.
September 28th, 2017
@Mandemon: Hopefully that's just because I haven't drawn her in so long.
@Grummancat: Well, she looks less like 21 years old and more like like a dwarf...
September 27th, 2017
I am very, very happy to see this comic again. And not just because of Assuka.
September 27th, 2017
@Mandemon: Over the course of Volume 3 (particularly evident in the Vegas episodes), I have tried to modify Asuka's physical type to reflect that she is 21 in this story, not 14, so yes, she would be a bit stockier with larger breasts and a more meaty overall appearance. Or so I believe.
Art change?
She looks more stocky than previously show in art. Not quite EXTRA THICC but she is getting there. Maybe closer to shortstacked.

I ain't complaining ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
September 27th, 2017
Hey everyone! Remember those 'Fan Service Extras' I used to do following the ends of the chapters? Well we're back!

Also as a way to keep things awake while I write the new chapter. I'm actually taking a good amount of time writing this chapter. Not only because I've been away so long but because a bunch of really important things start happening in this chapter, beginning with the reunion of Misato and Kaji. Lots of foreshadowing but it has to be intelligently done.

But for now, please enjoy some surprised Asuka! As for why she is surprised? You will just have to wait and see ;)

(YES this is an actual image from the new chapter).

September 21st, 2017
@Guest: Interesting! I never really thought of my action sequences are particularly good so thanks for pointing that out. As for WAFF, some of the heaviest moments of the entire comic are yet to come so I hope people will turn out for the final chapters!
September 21st, 2017
Always a big fan of WAFF
You do action scenes quite amazingly as well, that being said I was thinking some closure with that journal, or at least Shinji telling Asuka how Jessika felt.
September 21st, 2017
Yes, I am continuing. I have an apology and some other (mostly useful) information in my latest post.
Strypgia (Guest)
September 2nd, 2017
@Guest: Damn straight. Shinji's not stupid. He knows that he's got a damn good thing, and that fooling around with a stripper wouldn't just be stupid and cheating. He knows it would /hurt/ Asuka, because he pulled her out of her depression with the heartfelt insistence that she /matters/ to him. That's why she let him see the Sub side of her. Trust.
Strypgia (Guest)
September 1st, 2017
This is why she's awesome
I love how Mari is so unashamedly cheerful about describing it. Hahaha.
Marsing (Guest)
August 26th, 2017
Almost a Year
Has been almost a year since this has been last updated, do you plan on continuing this comic?
USN AO1 Ret. (Guest)
August 18th, 2017
Been There
I was an unrated AN on the Saratoga before she entered her last SLEP overhaul, I still have my purple cranial helmet and float coat. You can still smell the unique aroma of sweat, JP5 and jet exhaust. After 37 years since then I still miss that smell and the feeling of excitement when working on the roof. It's something a young man or woman these days should do at least once in their lifetime. Doing a tour up there puts one in a very special category of service member.

One thing I learned on the Lady Sara, you really have to be a wimp to get sick on a boat that size, not to say Asuka-chan is one but I hope there's more to her illness than seasickness, Shinji has been slipping the high hard one to her a lot recently, but then again if I had a girl like her in my bed I'd do the same. I love the way you draw her, she's so vulnerable at times and that's something that was not really shown in the canon story.

BTW, I had worked two rates on two ships the Sara and the Nimitz. On the Sara I wore purple and fueled the aircraft. On the Nimitz I wore red and black and loaded weapons on our unit's F/A-18's. Needless to say that being an AO was the right choice once I grew up and learned to use their rules to get what I wanted out of the Navy.