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Damm how do teeth shatter steel any steel no matter how primitive.
That is very cool of you to say! Send your friends our way :)
This needs more fan support. Seriously. Just discovered it and am loving it. Keep it up!
She's the one who's at the heart of this mess. As a reminder, she was first mentioned here:
We were looking for a woman
The woman in question was first mentioned last issue:
Gettin' the job done
Gore took care of the king way back here:
Al Milgrom!
The comics legend did the inks for this cover and needless to say, we're very excited about it!
Thanks so much for the kind words! I think we'll be able to answer your question regarding the tempo with issue 3 :)
More Praise
Kreetor is a great series - an original combination of Conan and Planet of the Apes.

This series started so strong with the mysterious Scourge and bodies dropping left and right. I am interested in seeing how you re-establish that harsh of a tempo.
The dead hatchling
Cropp and Fith argued about the dead hatchling here: 0/
Fith and company were attacked here: 1/
Dead Brush
For more about the death of Brush, go here: and here:
For a little reminder about what Nuklor's so angry about, check this out:
The Pyron!
They are indeed :)
Great colors
You nailed the colors!

Are these piranha beings?
Dann definitely doesn't suck!
It's always a joy to tone and letter his pages; he's one of the few artists that leaves room for all of Jason's script dialogue! (HA!)
Great Page!
What a great page!
Thanks for continuing to stick with us, ArtieTech! I think you're going to dig what we've got cooked up for Gore and the rest of Kreetor. I've written over 400 pages of this sucker and this truly is just the beginning :)
Loving It
Love the way the King is always in shadow! Great plot devise. can't wait to see how events unfold! Keep it coming!!!
We update every week (Kreetor every Friday); usually, we post the night before, to satisfy that comics craving!
Thanks for stopping by!