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Yo, is anyone still doing this comic?
@LandenMaster: so is this still going to happen?
@Manticore: Ok! Btw for tools try a scanner or drawing tablet.
Hey everybody, LM here to return as GM! It's been about 8 months, and I've been giving you all a long period of creative freedom! With everything going great, and it being Halloween, you should all be very inspired to get in some characters! This game is officially OFF hiatus so hurry up and let's get this game started!
K then. nobody else is signing up really
@IshtarDragon: yes i extended it to April but I think they're just letting it die with dignity.
Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your reps in!!! Please check the latest news post and if you have any questions contact me ASAP.
OK guys, PLEASE get your reps in!!! You only have a schoolweek.
@DaBrokor: I can just imagine the execution now *cough* Mousetrap *cough*
@LandenMaster: Maybe if he wins. :D
I kinda just wanted him to be in hiding during the mafia game, if thats okay.
Of course he can still get voted off by being found.
@DaBrokor: Loving it <3 Yes, this is absolutely fine. Animals are even allowed to be in the circus (especially trained animals) so if you wanted to see about using his smarts to get him in the circus, that's 100% possible.
Cheesy name, huh? *shot*
So, this is my character. I hope he counts, considering he's not a human and all...
Anyways, erhem. Bio.
Cheesy was a part of the rat pack that lived in the gutters of the circus a few years ago. The circus tenders found the rats and killed them with poisonous cheese.
But not Cheesy.
Cheesy had a higher than average IQ from birth. And he was always smart enough to ignore the traps set for his fellow rats. He's even been able to mess with the faculty.
Now that Cheesy is all by himself, he wants to go out and see the circus in person, instead of his view from the gutters. But he knows full well that he would be in danger the moment he stepped out there. No one likes rats.
So Cheesy just keeps himself entertained racing through the unseen parts of the circus and fooling around with the attraction workings. Believe it or not, theres so much to do. To this day, no one knows he's still there.

Full Name: Cheesy the Rat (...what?)
Gender: Male
Weight: Whatever the average rat weighs
Height: However tall the average rat is
Traits: Shy, likes to cause mischief, but friendly
February 5th, 2015
@LandenMaster: I don't have my quota filled yet. I've only done one game.
February 3rd, 2015
@DaBrokor: I guess we do technically have them, but it'd be way better if we ever did a FNAF theme (you should GM <3)
@DaBrokor: I look forward to it!
February 3rd, 2015
Someone should totally be an animatronic-*shot*
YES THIS STUFF IS GREAT. My bios coming soon then :3
@Melody-Pika: And 102 lbs is pretty heavy for a 4'6 12 year old
January 29th, 2015
@KreeTheBasilisk: That's fair. Try thinking about it when you can, just try to get one in. You have all the way until March, so you've got plenty of time to think and draw, plus I'm extending the time if we don't get enough sign ups by Marchh