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this is not a comic but a tv this is a showcase so make a thing on pivit [PS save as a gif file] NO PICKING ON COMIC OR YOU WILL PAY!

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well the thing is I made a stickman almost exactly the same a few weeks ago (p.s i like it!)
my new stickmen tell if you like it or not and say if you like old stickman or new
Epic comic! nice Work Fi...Nightmare.
July 27th, 2010
I love stick people... Love your animations!
nightmare kitten
July 27th, 2010
who did you guess would win
first one of my pages.
im the creator and i have\will get rid of any one mean to any body so be nice tis guy is cool
July 24th, 2010
Who said only the creator can do that?
Just go to Manage Webcomic, Authors, and Manage Author Permissions.

@Smeagol:Hey, this is just a gallery. I have a stick gallery too, and there's no problem in that.
downloading pivot

also you dont have privilages to post a comic cuz only the creator can do that
i know(damn i wish i had banning privilages T_T)
rules say no picking on comic,even if it IS crappy

....and dont you say "Screw the rules,i have money"
you gonna be like this all day? T_T
my first animation was a stick fight,but i forgot to save in GIF :\
(damnit why is it slow D:)
July 23rd, 2010
i wanna join,i sent aplication :D
s o s l o w
ahhhhhh i put the gif file in my docs and o no :[
i did this when
i did this when i first got pivit :3
its giving me eye damage!!!>:O
stickman sam ep 1
ep1 s sam ep2 coming soon