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Yeah, it's all big and greenish...with a hint of mint
No head will ever be like Dj's.
Looks like Team Tacket is blasting off againnnn...
Well he certainly had a fun adventure.
What just happened?
...I have no idea what to say about this page...
Strong chance of head trauma ocurring... Or does he just have a head that hard? After all, fish teeth should be able to tear that head to shreds.
teeth for your brains
Blurb not looking too good there.

Ohey he became Blurb again.
I knew it.
I knew that the pokeballs had paradises inside them.
except for that specific case.
Carvanha's first pokémon battle, and meal of the day.
for those who wondered where Carvanha had gone.
Prof. Rowan caught a Blurby! Give nickname to Bluby?
okay uh....

Pokéball flies and hits Blurb and poliwag jumps and splats in the water and doc says "ohdoduo's".

...k O_O
Pic drawn by Tac, as usual.
Main character?
Yeah. That guy is quite creepy.
Mr. Creepy guy studied the Pokédex. :3