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Professor Dolphin presents Pokemon

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@Lord Enigma: Me neither but I thought I'd atleast finish it in some way. Expect more soon.
Lord Enigma
April 16th, 2019
Didn't expect to see this again. How nice.
You only smell if someone else smells it.
ali (Guest)
September 18th, 2016
SHPP: 102
Professor Dolphin
September 30th, 2014
On the road again.
I laughed extremely hard at the last panel.
Nidoking sounds nice...
August 13th, 2014
Of course they do!
@Guest: Can't tell if troll or didn't read the author comments at all.

Also *Pidgeys
@stickwill: Thank you for the fav.
Thank you for your patience everyone.

@Pokemon Girl: A pity you feel that way. Could you be more specific with your criticism so I may use it to improve the comic? ''fucking sucks'' doesn't help much.

@Guest: I understand you're frustration and I'll admit that I've been lazy with getting back to the ''current'' page. I will make sure to make updates more frequent. As to your ''once you get to #139 only then will you actually start a new story'' this was to give me time to make the new pages, which I have been doing and to introduce the comic to new people. Maybe it was a mistake letting you know this was continuing until I started to continue past ''139''. If you would like, please leave your email and I will inform you when we ''continue''.
You do realize that nobody's watching anymore, right? You're just reposting the old comics, and once you get to #139 only then will you actually start a new story.
I'm going to put this plainly……your comics fucking suck.👿
@Guest: Yes it's all reposts (with some small changes) until we get back to where we were and then it will continue with new pages.
Is this going to be a repost of the whole comic until you get up to the 139th page?
I retread this whole comic
Return ≠ Repost, FYI