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5 Years Ago
Going off the success of Resident Not So Evil, three authors decide that the art of adding captions to screenshots should not be restricted to the world of Resident Evil. They present you with...

Not So Captioned

Updated whenever, guest comics are uploaded on Sundays

By Mr Aids, TCF and Kaz

Requests are closed.

We are accepting guest comics.

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is it me or does it look like the clooney batman
They had better be thin-and-crispy fries too, Cobblepot. None of this "steak fries" crap. I mean it.
Speaking of Batman's face,
They said behind his mask is a blindfold.
It was meant to make him teach a lesson on hearing.
Now all I see behind Batman's eyes are just eyes.

fucking brave and the bald

and for Amante
Look at the quality in Batman's face! Truly an HD screenshot if I ever saw one.
Where's the Not so Skyrim?
No, it's Helghan.
Is that only for Wii?

I am not liable for any depression causes or mental incapacitation if you click on that link.
Somethings should just not be made into games.....

Love the show though :D
Let's be honest, everything here is shit. It's pretty amazing, but it's still shit.
October 10th, 2011
@Dr. Fist Punch: Does that make my entries shit?

So no, we do not take guest comics.
If it's not shit.
October 10th, 2011
You guys still take Guest shit?
Now I know why we disabled comments.
October 9th, 2011
Otacon, this seat is also a flotation device... implying that this plane can and will crash.

It must be the work of a Metal gear!
That would be 600 Dollars, sir.
They were disabled when I tried way back then, nevermind no idea what was going on in that case.