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well then what can i do to make it better (and if you mad at the lack of action you just wait for a few comics
This comic isn't very good, man. Not very good. Actually, this one is meh. But the rest... Not good...
Looks like the enemies saw this coming
just start at the beggining of the chapter called comic
This comic is so confusing, I got lost by comic #2!!!!
just so people dont get confused
decided im gonna try and bring this back
sorry zamio I just really want this comic the come back
Sheesh,calm down. Im upadting. I do have a life outside spriting you know -_-
and we gotta get everyone else to update or there out from this comic
so your not gonna help -_- you can atleast do a few comics
yeah let's but you do the story line and i do the sprites and revamps ok
lets bring this comic back
speedo th
February 5th, 2011
looking good hey i say we bring this comic backill change the banner
speedo th
February 5th, 2011
the yoshis name is shade
that was the evil guy from before who chased them when they were on the snowy mountain