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2 Years Ago
It's a autobiographic comic about, well, me and my daily life! Doesn't that sound interesting?

WARNING: This comic may contain the following; misspelling, weird situations, gaming, horrible puns, cats, depression, and the occasionally lovey dovey stuff.
The link to DrunkDuck Hit and Miss!

UPDATES: Right now the update is every four days or so since I'm sort of doing a daily doodle thing (but I ain't gonna scan that shit everyday though).

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December 22nd, 2014
Thanks for reading!
November 2nd, 2014
Totally happened.
Yo. Seranatis here, posting on behalf of Kitkatmuffin as I do comics for this as well but I don't have author access so I'm posting from her account instead.
So yeah.
This totally happened.
This thing right here?
Totally happened.
October 12th, 2014
So yeah, I got a job and stuff. I hate waking up early.

P.S. My mother knows who Korra is.
Sorry for the month long silent. TO make a long story short, I was going through a rough depression that was hard to shake off, but now I'm finally back on my feet and doodling comics again! Yaay!
Is there something I need to know
Well it was just that, if you panicked you may of done something silly that made it worse, first step is always to keep calm and assess the situation :)
Yakratthat D:
Jamie was way too relaxed about our apartment almost burning down.
In case you guys were wondering why she leaves short comments.
Love it
Every pen I pick keeps crapping out on me asdfghjkl' WORK DAMMIT
Hey guys, hope you like this page cause this is how Hit and Miss is going to go for now on! Of course the page will look a lot better next time cause, stupid me, forgot that my sketch book is bigger then the scanner. Oii... Anyways, hope you enjoy!
I love it
Last time I cut my own bangs ended up horrible. I'm glad it turned out so nice this time! Here's the video I was watching of how to cut your own bangs.
@KitaAngel: This was the first time ever I won at this game. Apparently Jamie was having bad luck, he went to jail 7 times. ):
That being said, you would hate playing with me. No one wants to play with me anymore hahaha....
I guess I'm what you call a sore winner.
We said we would never speak of this again, but then I made a comic about it.
April 5th, 2014
I'm going to be a terrible wife.