A thrilling tale of two socially dysfunctional brothers working at the largest fish market in the world, and the things they must do to get paid, make friends and date ladies.

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Good Bye Website This Will Be My Last Comment On Here Ever :-(
Hello everyone! Thanks so much for reading Sakana on Smackjeeves all this time, but it's finally...after all these years...FINALLY time for Sakana to have its own website. And the good people at Hiveworks were gracious enough to host my comic and help me give it the website it's needed for like...five or six years, jeeze.

I appreciate all the time and attention my comic has been given on this site over the years, and I hope, if you're enjoying yourself, you'll check out the new WWW.SAKANA-COMIC.COM to catch up on the past few updates! I'll be posting there exclusively now, and taking down the old pages here.

Thanks again everybody, and remember, you can keep up with my art and comic updates on my tumblr: www.mynameismad.tumblr.com, and the official sakana tumblr: www.sakana-comic.tumblr.com!