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Feel free to join in.More people more action.

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Just reread the comic and i swear that guy has moodswings.
Kazuma is a bounty hunter/Ninja.Doesnt take him very long to get his point across when you see him.
Trav isnt singing on the second to last panel thats his MP3 heres the link to the song he was listening to
Aw shit.
Hell yes.
I am anti climatic.
Aw snap?
Ohsnapshould of
done this earlier. List your characters BIO on their card page as a Author comment.List their weaknesses how or when they gained their powers why they act that way and how old they are
Travs bio
Travis is a 15 year old hedgefox,He grew up in Blue ridge zone and was later taken to "The facility" There he was tested on with a few others. He met a Blueish green hedgefox there that resembled him a tad bit. After he was sent away Travis never heard from him.After Travis was taken to the chamber a Grey shard was implanted in his right hand since then he's been able to control fire,To a extent of course...One major drawback is he cant control it very well s he almost never uses it due to the thought he might snap like he did in the facility Hes up beat and jolly not to mention naive but when he was at the facility he was a Loner and never spoke to anyone knowing that he might become friends with them an that almost everyone who went in the chamber never returned.Weaknesses include A mixture of Ice and snow can douse his powers completely leaving him sluggish,Getting hit by a lightning Element will cause him to have outburst of power so after 4 r five outburst hes pretty much done for so basically Lightning = Done for.
Needs more...
Angel Beats. Guard Skill: Distortion
@Eldin Tokuro
Wait whos a clone?And if your referring to the Domina the Hedgehog above you thats actually Real Domina.
Oh snap
Its not gif'd...Wonder what happened.
What happened v:?
Oh snap
Its not gif'd...Wonder what happened.
If your wondering...
Someone by the name Hyper-SonicX you can find him here!
Oh dear god, clones.
"Just one thing...Who ARE you?"
I updated twice in one day.
And i just noticed the errors.