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Crazy Metro

by Ness13
Meet Ness, Raguel, Junfu, Artix and JV, 5 guys living in a apartment in a Metro, reflecting the world's irony and comedy side in life...
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5 Years Ago
Meet Ness, Raguel, Junfu, Artix and JV, 5 guys living in a apartment in a Metro, reflecting the world's irony and comedy side in life...


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Hauhau~ (`・ω・ยด) A lot of people can identify themselves there I guess >< By the way, love your artwork
March 15th, 2013
6th means 6th boyfriend :)
hahah "Sugar sticks" hehehe just fun on words for ahem... downs stairs hehehe
February 27th, 2013
Wow I'm learning lots of new slang from this comic. I'd never heard "sugar stick" used that way until now. What exactly is a sixth?
February 27th, 2013
what's a "6th?"
I wasn't familiar with the concept of bedspacing, so this was quite helpful and might be to anyone else unfamiliar with the concept:
wait, where's part 2?
I suspected as much :P
February 27th, 2013
I always wondered if they made Clow umbrellas!
February 27th, 2013
how awful!
February 19th, 2013
2. a bit rude eh
my grandmother used to serve me coke and milk- not for tummy ache but for whatever. Hmm, maybe I'll try your mom's remedy.
February 17th, 2013
Since Feb 4 2013, my best friend and I celebrated my birthday in advance. I let him borrow my Dissidia UMD and after a few days playing, he reached his Terra at lvl 70's. It took me weeks to reach that level hahaha

anyway, me and my buddy are now into Dissidia mode. Although I'm playing duodecim, so by the time I let him have a copy of Duodecim, he'll be pretty busy playing his PSP again hahaha
KoH (Guest)
January 26th, 2013
*Ngayon lang naisipang magcomment*
Lolz Hanggang ngayon... That feeling. >____<

People. Moving about the streets like their time isn't running out or they have nothing else to do.
Memorable Sleep over
Its been a long period of time since I last updated, things were pretty crazy with my life. Anyway, here's a short comic moment with me and my buddy Akaikaze with Artix when they both slept over at my place. One of the best Sleep overs I had :D

The next morning when we were all having our breakfast, Artix grabbed a bread, spreads a spoonful of Nutella and poured on top this Milo powdered drink.

Akaikaze and I were looking at Artix like "Um, are you ok?" hahaha so we let Artix do with his sandwich and enjoyed his breakfast. While Akaikaze and I ate normal breakfast, eggs and chicken nuggets with garlic fried rice... and ofcourse Artix did ate the same heheh

(*Technically, its not that Ultimate of a choco sandwich, coz nutella isnt purely chocolate... right? hahah Artix and his own crazy world heheh)
is there a continuation of this story
Hahahahaha i see..
sometimes i feel the situation too..
Familiar situation where you have to buy products and they'll give you sticker points to avail a certain product? Well, it started out when Raguel introduced me to Ti-Amo, a frozen yogurt shop and gave us this planner...

And when last months of 2011 came around November, I saw these planner at starbucks and had this cloth case. I didn't plan to get one until my sister gave me her card with 10 stickers on it already, so I must finish what she started, thus Starbucks drawing sessions were done hahaha

it was almost March when JV and I meet up with his friends, they were also not aware of the sticker collecting. And I have a day to get 8 stickers. But I can only buy 1 Mango Passion Fruit that day... so I asked if I can get their stickers, which they gladly gave it to me... but I still need 2 more...

JV took my card and went to the counter, it seems he was waiting for a moment where a customer refused to get stickers, so that he can as if he can claim it instead... then he called me up and asked which planner design I want :D
this made my day
she made me go and use google translate XD
Flooding on ones Facebook page? Hehehehe
Wait till what happens after Drew gets back to his Facebook page... :)