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Is dinner ever simple?



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i read this comic for the first time like 8 years ago or something, and every couple of years i remember it and read it again. and every single time i'm crying my eyes out.
i really like this short story a lot.
Ahhh this made me so sad. it was really beautiful
November 27th, 2018
ahhh stop giving me emotions within my heartless soul.Stop telling a story that relates so to the world.stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop.
This is by far the best comic I've ever read! A real tear-jerker ;v;
October 29th, 2014
I know this is finished but i faved it anyway just because i think it was awesome. beautiful art and symbolism through out. i really enjoyed.
March 7th, 2014
I'm sobbing
March 7th, 2014
... Fuck...
March 7th, 2014
Fucking cute
wow, first off, great color scheme! It was the first thing I noticed. The blue really compliments the mood of your comic.

At first I was kind of confused as to why you included him sharing a meal with his friend's family in the beginning, but after having read the whole thing, it makes a lot more sense. I can really tell that this story is deep and personal to you. It kinda broke my heart, very tragic. I think they way you portrayed it made it even more heart-wrenching, esp. for me the skeleton arms.

Anyway, great job on a very well done comic!
I really enjoyed this and I almost wish it wasn't a one shot! Although the length adds to how powerful it is I think. I recognized your art immediately as I had a run in with todd allison and petunia violet ages ago. Didn't know you were on Smackjeeves! Awesome :)
September 12th, 2013
Just love it when Nozmo makes her characters diverse. Like a box of chocolates. <3

September 12th, 2013
I REALLY love Nozmo's art and how her character's are so oddly interesting.
September 11th, 2013
food-gasm right there. priceless.
The best thing about this comic is how natural all the emotions are conveyed, as if effortlessy. It all blends nicely together and flows steadily towards the finishing page. A very well executed work.
March 13th, 2013
This art style is beautiful. -sniff- -touch-
Show Knight
February 4th, 2013
@Reigan: someone snapped
November 12th, 2012
This woman is the spitting image of evil!!
October 18th, 2012
Love how it looks like his parents are fighting and not even noticing that they are crushing Hiroyuki between them.~
Awwww! Sad. Beautiful.Delicate. True. Touching.
But it's not really that and it's more than that. Words can't really describe it, like happiness and thoses things :can't catch your draws. I love your draws, I love what you mean.
I like how you just tell the story, how it's honest and don't pretend to be honest, or anything; just telling.
I love the sadness in hiroyuki's eyes.

This was one of the best webcomics i read so far.
not because of the art (which was very good btw) ...
...but because it was true/real.

Thank you

p.s hope our hero gets to develop more.Become independent and grow with people that will love him back.