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Mushroom Kingdom Zombie Apocalypse

by Sir Bacon
Mario defeated Bowser and saved the Princess. He remained in Mushroom Kingdom at the Toads' insistence to be guest of honor at a celebration for saving the kingdom.

Then, just as he's about to take the warp pipe home, he's told of a terrible new threat: zombies are on the loose! Mushroom Kingdom may be doomed, but Mario won't let it die without a fight!
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Mario defeated Bowser and saved the Princess. He remained in Mushroom Kingdom at the Toads' insistence to be guest of honor at a celebration for saving the kingdom.

Then, just as he's about to take the warp pipe home, he's told of a terrible new threat: zombies are on the loose! Mushroom Kingdom may be doomed, but Mario won't let it die without a fight!


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Yesterday I launched the site for the comic I promised in the last update. It's a Star Wars fancomic called Death Sticks, and can be found at although I've yet to add any actual story pages just yet. I thought I'd update here so any MKZA fans who are interested in my next project would know the new comic is up.
I'll miss this comic. :(
Alright, -fav then. :s
I won’t lie, I pretty much came up with this strip on a whim and never had a real plot figured out. I had planned to show Blue donning the Penguin Suit only to find out it’s a non-working prototype, possibly mention the Frog Suit or Ice Flower or something in the same comic, then cut to Princess Peach and Toadsworth, who had been in Sarasaland visiting Princess Daisy when the outbreak occurred, and have them mistake a Koopa trying to warn them about the zombies for a brigand trying to kidnap the princess, and then I had planned… absolutely nothing. My far flung goals included all four groups of characters, including the Troopas, meet up, and maybe have the main characters and myself figure out who created the zombies and how to stop them.

So yeah, I’ve been improvising the plot from the get go, and the further I go, the harder I find it to be to come up with new scripts. I had a little inspiration a while ago, but sadly that just so happened to occur at the same general time that… something rather personal happened that led me to lose interest in this comic for reasons I can’t explain. And I do mean all interest in the comic. If I ever were to start this comic up again, it just wouldn’t feel right at all, and I really don’t know why. So this is the end, I’m afraid.

But I won’t be going away.

I have another comic I have planned. I actually thought about doing this comic long before I ever came up with MKZA. So why didn’t I make it? A number of factors, such as a complete lack of faith in my abilities to draw the characters consistently. Yes, that’s right, my next comic is going to be drawn. By hand, I might add, with pencil on paper. You may remember my saying that there was a very good reason for me doing a sprite comic. Yeah, I can’t draw, hence the aforementioned lack of faith. That’s why I’m going to spend the next several weeks practicing long and hard.

So what makes me think this comic will succeed where an easy to make, brilliant comic like MKZA failed? Honestly, not much. On the one side, it will be much, much more action based, and as difficult as it may be to believe, the action scenes will hopefully be both easier to make and a dozen billion times more epic than those in MKZA. Honestly, whatever story I eventually come up with will be an excuse plot between cool fight scenes.

Yeah, that’s right, I have even less of a story thought up for this comic thought up than I had going into MKZA! =D I have like four or five characters kind of vaguely thought up, and most of what I do have is related to their appearance and choice of weapons. I think I’ll go spend my upcoming weeks of drawing practice scrounging up some archetypes and personalities and stuff on that site that shall remain nameless, by which I mean TVTropes.

But then again, creating strips should be about as fast as MKZA and much more fun. No more tedious Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, drag selection, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, drag selection, notice the pixels are a little off, delete selection, double check that I copied the image correctly, select the image to be copied again, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc. Nope, just a little drawing on a note card, never erase, never surrender. Yeah, that’s right, I’m not going to ever erase if I make a mistake, hence why I’m going to practice drawing a whole lot before I create the first strip. If I make a mistake, I’ll either start over on a fresh card or leave the mistake be, depending on how egregious the mistake is.

Prior to writing this, I had drawn on two note cards, with studies of fight scenes, effects, and characters’ heads on the one, and everyday poses and random pop culture references on the other. Yeah, all this on two little note cards. As you may have guessed, the scale of this comic is rather small. In fact, the characters are all stick figures, more in the xkcd sense than the Order of the Stick sense, but not really looking like either. I actually stole the style from my friend Stephen several years ago, but I seem to recall him saying he got the style from a friend of his, so… I guess it’s like Pay it Forward, only not at all. So yeah, see you all in a few weeks, hopefully.

I’m going to go continue practicing drawing stick figures now.
March 1st, 2011
Funny comic, +fav.
kirby knight 1000
February 25th, 2011
yayz peaguins
Sir Bacon
February 17th, 2011
Sorry for the ultra-long wait, last few months have been... well, I had my appendix removed, a friend of mine died, and then there was Christmas shopping and relatives and other such stuff that will only seem distant and abstract and unrelated to the comic to you, I'm sure.

In today's comic I mess around with continuity just a bit. Not like I haven't been playing fast and loose with canon already. I mentioned in the commentary for Page 0007 that Mario went to Italy to retrieve Luigi, for instance, and at different points in time it was canon that Mario lived in either Manhattan or just the Mushroom Kingdom, never Italy. Also, in my comic, Mario doesn't have-a that-a annoying-a verbal tick-a you see in many other depictions-a, and Toadette doesn't resemble her canon counterpart much at all.

The penguin suit was fun to sprite. I basically scaled down an image of the one from NWSMB and played around with it until it matched the style of the original game enough for me. With any luck I'll be done with the next page by next Monday. We prefer, People who are not dead
Sir Bacon
October 12th, 2010
"Long time no see, everyone. First let me explain a few things: 1. The comic isn't dead. 2. I'm not dead. 3. Disco isn't dead." - Fallon Willard, author of the webcomic Fox Tails.

So, it may seem like I've been neglecting MKZA recently. Quite frankly, that's because I have. Various other aspects of my life have gotten in the way, I'm trying to modify the original Princess Peach sprite so I can have Peach & Daisy while still having a limited color palette for them, and there's also this evil thing called writer's block that likes to taunt me. :P

I also decided that, instead of scaling the pixels to 200%, I'd just make a panel 200% sized, more or less, with 100% sized pixels, meaning I have to make about four times as much scenery as I used to, but the characters won't be as restricted in their movements any more, and a castle can be fully seen even while characters are talking.

Not to mention I'm spending much of my free time this month going from one Goodwill store to another, looking for things I can use for my Halloween costume.

All in all, know that I still have big plans for this comic, even if it seems to be dead for a while. Again, very sorry, but hey, it's life.
October 8th, 2010
I have to drive through texas sometimes- a long hike from Georgia- and I think it's very nice.

Oo it's getting intense now!
October 8th, 2010
I noticed, I think it's easy to tell the way you have the panels in red. Not confusing at all =).

very funny though! lol
Cool. Epic. The zombies are winning, how worrisome yes.
splendid page
No. It obviously didn't work
Quite a good story
I'd say <3 is correct.
Sir Bacon
September 22nd, 2010
Thanks for the advice. I had an idea of what the "throw" blur should look like, but I couldn't figure out how to make a motion blur with a bend on it in GIMP, which is what I've been using for the visual effects. Maybe I'll figure out how to do something like that in a later comic.
September 22nd, 2010
It is your comic, you don't have to follow your updating schedule if you have a good reason.

As for future reference, maybe combine a blur effect with an arc.

And poor Hammer Bro.