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Robots. Demons. Jungle planet.

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i-it's over? already?! T~T mega sadness...
I absolutly love these title pages. awesome <3
Sad But True
This talented group has gone their own ways, and this fine strip has come to a sad and untimely end. Great talented guys, will be missed.
Anyone Home?
Whats the story on this comic? No updates since January....
I was so expecting "Steve."
No offense, but i would not feel welcome there!
Great imagery!
Ah, is Marik and his evil council going to show up here?
Thanks for continuing to follow this one, ArtieTech! We were really lucky to add the PFR gang to the Repercussion lineup :)
Love it
I really enjoy reading this comic, the writing is great, the choice of words is excellent!
Teehee. Nice analogy.
I agree :)
Thanks for reading!
October 10th, 2010
sweet. just... wicked awesome.
We want to welcome our newest comic...Pray for Ruin!!
It's just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!