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I remember some douchebag published an article a while back about how to talk to women wearing headphones. I don't get hassled much when I'm walking around because I'm a big fat guy, but I've used my earphones as a social cloaking device before and that function really shouldn't be compromised.

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I keep forgetting myself! Thanks GarnetShaddow
@NtKGar: Sorry to ask, but would you please re-post the link to the voting gateway? I love your strip and try to remember to vote daily. The most recent link is about 10 comics back now and I keep forgetting.

Thank you!
Loved it!
Heh heh... Loved this Santa! When I first saw the "Judge you!" face creeped me out at first, but now it brings a smile. Love the details little and large, the smoke, the opinions on money, the meaning of presents, his saying Merry Christmas to himselves... brilliant!

Also, glad to hear someone else listens to Minchin (or at least that song).
January 2nd, 2017
Of course after all the commentary on what a shitstorm 2016 was, having 2017 start out with a Friday the 13th seems a little inauspicious. Not that I'm counting on next Friday to bring anyone substantial good luck, but the posturing on the calendar's part is kinda funny.
Thanks for reading our Christmas Colouring Comic! I had a lot of fun drawing this.

Neko the Kitty will return on Monday January 9th. We're introducing a new character and then we'll be checking in with Maisy and Poe. Happy New Year everybody!
Of course the problem with the twelve days of christmas is only the first one fits a popular understanding of being actually christmas so the big Merry Christmas page on January 2nd is a little out of place. It'll be fine in the archive.

Went to a New Year's party at a friend's place and handed out the rest of the first printing last night, my friend John named the character Quantum Santa.
So Rogue One isn't bad. I didn't enjoy it as much as The Force Awakens but there are some cool characters and the whole thing leads to a freaking awesome scene of Darth Vader absolutely slaughtering his way through a corridor full of rebels. It actually leaves off mere moments before the beginning of A New Hope

This is one where the beginning's a bit slow but I really liked the ending, it could have done with two or three fewer characters and it ties up all its threads so neatly that Episode IV already tells you everything you need to know, but that's actually kind of a decent achievement in its own right. I didn't find Jyn as likeable as Rey, but once they're on the main mission to get the Death Star plans you've got a classic multi-tier heist/battle sequence in the very best tradition of the series. We left the theater going "yeah that was pretty good".

I'm told it benefits from a second viewing and liked it enough that I'm considering the experiment.

As an aside, Dad was impressed they were able to get Peter Cushing back, but said he looks terrible. Said he looked about a hundred years old but enjoyed the performance. So congratulations Industrial Light and Magic, my Dad was genuinely surprised when I told him Peter Cushing's been dead for twenty years.

Young Princess Leia's only on screen for a couple of seconds, but she slams face-first into the uncanny valley. I think her appearance is important to the story and wouldn't take it out (I understand there are differences of opinion on this) but if we get an adventure with young princess Leia down the line (and she's at least as interesting a character as Han Solo) then that scene should be re-shot with the new actress. I understand Millie Bobby Brown is interested in the role and Carrie Fisher liked the comparison.

Disney's probably got someone writing it right now. They've been making a lot of really good female-protagonist films lately, and Leia's explicitly an intelligence agent for the Rebellion with ties to the Galactic Senate so I'd trust the shit out of them with that story. It even makes sense to have R2D2 and C3PO along for the whole damn thing so I actually would be surprised if it's not already in development.

If it's not I call First Pitchsies! December 29th 2016, 08:21GMT!
Going to see Rogue One today with my Dad. We went to see The Force Awakens last year and Dad practically bounced out of the cinema.

Years ago, when The Phantom Menace came out, I went to see it with my Dad in the old Forum cinema in Dun Laoghaire (it's a Centra now), and when 'A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away...' popped up on screen Dad went "YEAH!". He's 66 and loves him some Star Wars, so I'm glad he's getting more *good* Star Wars movies in the cinema.

Got him a bundle of the old Jedi Knight games recently as well, so hopefully he'll like those.

Saddened to hear about Carrie Fisher's passing. Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra, only 60, tragic. Wonderful writer and actress and so much fun in interviews, I remember some segment from a documentary where she showed the film-maker around her 'home', which was a double-wide trailer absolutely crammed full of Star Wars crap and she acted like Princess Leia was her entire life and she wasn't one of the most highly-regarded script doctors of the last fifty years. Absolute masterstroke of trollsmanship, she'll be missed by many.
December 27th, 2016
I uploaded this on December 27th! We're ahead! There's a buffer! This never lasts long but it feels so good.

Speaking of which I'm still marvelling at the comfort of the new mattress every time I get into bed. The first night I was so excited about how comfortable the mattress is that I wasn't able to sleep, but I've gotten over that! I'm feeling better than I have in a long time so definitely a wise investment.

Our friend Chris got our cats a christmas present which they're quite funny about. It's a little roller-coaster track for a ball with openings in the tube, you can roll the ball around the track but you can't get it out, and the ball lights up and flashes when you move it. The cats love it... when I play with it. I started knocking the ball around the tube with my fingertips to demonstrate how it works, and they all came over to watch and were fascinated, but they seem to mostly enjoy it as theatre. Ollie has meowed at me to follow her and brought me to it to make it go.

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I handed these out to my family on christmas morning. All the aunts and uncles and everyone gather in someone's house in the morning and we exchange gifts and have breakfast together, it's really nice. Did up 30 copies in a local print shop, spotted a couple of art errors that I've since corrected, but handed them out anyway, so that first printing's about as collectible as I'm ever likely to get.

If there's enough interest in this I'd like to run a kickstarter for a print run of these in time for christmas next year, but in the meantime a high-resolution .TIFF downloadable version is available on Patreon if you want to toss a dollar into the hat for the sake of printing this out and colouring it in at home.
@Wren: Are you the original Wren from back in the day?
I just read through the last chapter with Patrick Stewart as the voice of Neko, and he absolutely aced the brain audition. I always read Neko with more of a Bruce Campbell sort of intonation before, but Patrick Stewart just nails the delivery of every line.
So I was on Twitter and came across this discussion, which begins thus:

"the best thing about the pictures of Black Jesus is that none of them look alike"

And it goes on and people post pictures, and it's true. A bunch of them have the long features that were fixed on the white version in I'm gonna guess the fourteenth century and give any art history students in the audience their time to shine. Not limited to that we get a whole lot more varied interpretations of the character, it's actually pretty interesting.

A quick Google image search for Jesus reveal a bunch of similar-looking dudes, he's meant to look like a Roman philosopher so he was probably designed before he was ever drawn from life.

Anyway logically he should be Israeli, so the icon is the thing, and there's no current consensus on what Black Jesus should look like, so all the representations are from personal vision. White Jesus has begun looking a bit more American Square lately and I like the more slender renaissance look myself, but that's an image entrenched in a cultural reference point and it's a fun reference point to watch not being universal.
You have some of the funniest and most irreverent (nay, even sacrilegious) Christmas comics. Including of course, "that one" (thank you for making it easier to find in the archive).
December 24th, 2016
Merry Christmas Nekolytes! Blessed Yule, Kwazy Kwanza, Happy Hanukkah and all those winter celebration things baby.
December 24th, 2016
This isn't the actual Christmas special, but that's where I came up with this design for Santa. I sent this to my Dad before posting it on here because his name's Tom :D

Now if you'll excuse me I've got a couch to go cuddle on. Happy Holidays!
Solipsism is a philosophy based on the concept that the only thing anyone can be absolutely certain exists is themselves, and that all perceived reality is therefore simply an extension of the self. Kind of the egocentric inverse of the buddhist notion of the self as part of the vast continuum of life. Whether it's more existentially honest or leads to becoming a better person is ultimately up to the end user, but that's the case with any religion.

Sorry for the missed update, I had a visit from the Muse over the weekend. I've had this scene in my head for a couple of years now, of Santa Claus waving to another Santa Claus across the rooftops. The rest of the story just sort of sprouted overnight. I'm really excited about this story, it's called "How Do I Do It All In One Night?" It's twelve pages long and I want to give it to my family as a Christmas present so I've been working on that as my main project to get it done on time.

You guys will be getting it too, don't worry. I want to start working a couple of strips ahead so a twelve-page Twelve-Days Of Christmas buys me the week I have off of Christmas to start drawing ahead. You'll be getting a big Merry Christmas splash page around New Years but just roll with it.

It's a colouring book, so a high-resolution downloadable version will be available from our oft-forgotten Patreon Page for all patrans at or above dollar level and if people send back colour versions I'll share them on Patreon too because that's just good content.

I say oft-forgotten because I keep forgetting to post stuff to it, I'm more reciprocal than active when it comes to engaging with people, which isn't ideal from a marketing perspective but is a character trait and not something I can change easily. I'm quiet by nature and worry about being obnoxious when I'm not, and I've come to the conclusion that my obnoxicity and my sense of humour are the same thing eliciting different responses in different people.

I've been enjoying Twitter quite a lot lately actually. I've started just tweeting Yellow Sticky images directly because it updates every day, it's literally just doodles on yellow sticky notes anyway, and the format's just really well suited to Twitter. We're up to 946 followers so Go Nekolytes! I don't have a collective term for Yellow Sticky fans yet. Post-Ites?

Side note: We got our new mattress! We've needed one since at least the beginning of the year, I think I've mentioned it on here before. It was an indirect christmas present from my Dad, by way of a cash gift for which I am profoundly grateful. It's got pocket springs and a memory foam layer and Sweet Jebus it is SO much more comfortable than the old mattress. The old mattress was a coil-sprung job and jingled when we moved it, as a stop-gap measure we got thick yoga mats and put them under the mattress earlier in the year, and the noticeable difference that made was nothing compared to this thing. Hartington's is the make, we got it from a furniture liquidation place out in Tallaght. I actually got up and started typing this because I was too excited to sleep the mattress is that damn comfortable.

I just this moment realised it's Solstice Night and it feels like Christmas Morning, which is so very apt. Happy Yule everyone, Summer is Coming!!

We've included a preview of the Christmas comic in the vote incentive, I see some lines I want to thicken but previews don't have to be finished so shut up artistic self-doubt your objections are noted.

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@NtKGar: That perspective has always intrigued me too. I'm 19 and had a turtle-slow computer as a kid, a Nintindo 64 with one Mario Bros game, and no phone (until I was in late middle school.) I've spent what must be 80% of my life online with increasingly more powerful laptops, I've got a couple more video games, and I use my phone on a daily basis.

I've always wondered what it must have been like to be without these things growing up, since I've depended on them so heavily. On the other hand, I see my little cousins constantly playing with their phones and video games and it makes me think back to how I didn't have those luxuries as a kid either.