Neko the Kitty

It's a cat comic! Neko lives with Alice the Human and Ellen the Other Human, and is a narcissistic nihilistic little jerkbag who's also a purry little sweetheart. There are more cats and people and it's been going since 2002 and the plot actually gets pretty involved, but at its heart it's a cat comic.

There was an ill-advised stint with a co-writer a while back which means the whole thing takes place in a world of magic and monsters now, but we killed off a main character and had a little mini-apocalypse so it's back under control now. Everyone loves Neko the Kitty check it out

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@triforce fandom: A clique is a close-knit group of people, usually connected by a shared activity like a sport. It's a real word but in context is probably a misspelling of 'cliché' or a really quite clever double-bluff misspelling pun based on character and creator as a peer group O_o
please make YouTube videos
character meets creator is a clique
BSET CHEAT EVER non-hacked
cuteness overload X169
Has it been only four hours? I assumed there was a time skip of a few months between Chaos Dragon Poe and the reboot.

Bill and Ted aren't on American Netflix :(. My hopes were so high...
...........................witch cat
best idea aver better than a laser pointer on a sleeping victim
is that .................. a dragon?
reference senses tingling but I don't what is the reference
shot Jeff in the head
@TheAlbumAtrium:*pats head and hugs until head pops off*
flappy from would love this comic
died laughing then sold my soul to the devil to continue reading this comic
Tee hee, we're at strip #69 in the reboot and my inner twelve-year-old is alive and well

Actually Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey are both on Netflix, and are just good 90s teen comedy. I'm not sure what age range the readership is spanning these days, but I heard an older teacher say teenagers are always teenagers and there's a lot of truth in that, It's where nostalgia comes from I think. Anyway Bill and Ted are two highschool losers who are destined to become the saviours of humanity. Rufus (George Carlin) is sent back in time from the utopian future to make sure they do will in a history report, which he does by giving them unsupervised access to a time machine. The sequel, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, in which a pair of android replicants are sent back in time to kill Bill and Ted before they complete their destiny, and succeed in the first act is actually a better film but they're both a nice little window into the early 90s

Keno's Doodly adventures continue over on Top Web Comics, which we're gradually climbing again

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