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Such a sweet little sociopath. Yes he is, yes he IS! D'awwww

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Comment on #241 "Alice does not like..."
NtKGar, 26 Jul 2016 04:18 pm
There's a three-legged dog later in the comic and I'm actually not sure if it's the same dog. Tripod and Neko are more-or-less friends, so presumably not.
Comment on Production notes
White Jade (Guest), 25 Jul 2016 08:08 pm
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I like both your comics, but my favourite is Neko. I like the interplay of characters, no matter what they are doing. I have never thought the comic went "too wild" as I think cats might live in a world that is, to them, that extreme at times. Neko is still my favourite because he is such a little shit. Some of my cats seem like they must think just like him.
I have been following you for a while, and I hope you find it as satisfying to produce this comic as I do to read it.
Comment on Production notes
ColdFusion (Guest), 25 Jul 2016 06:54 pm
@NtKGar: I think I agree with your assessment. I wasn't totally thrilled by the more adventurous direction things were going, but I was willing to give it a shot. That's the thing about webcomics, there's no editor, just one author taking you for a ride, and you've gotta RIDE that ride, see where it goes.
Comment on Production notes
NtKGar, 25 Jul 2016 03:39 pm
I'm pretty sure I've referred to Neko as my spirit animal before. At his best he's what I'm able to think like when not crippled by self-doubt, but he's also the asshole I try really hard not to be. It's a love/hate relationship, which isn't as unusual a thing to have with an aspect of your own psyche as you might think.

This whole storyline Neko's mostly been napping, playing with his toys, and bugging Alice. That really should have been the focus all along. I've always liked the idea of having a much more exciting comic happening next door, but I think we've seen enough of that comic now that it can only be improved by leaving it implicit. Fuck the monomyth, this is a comic about a cat and it's much more fun when I remember that.

Work is continuing workily, so my free time to draw is much more limited now, but if you're still here then you're probably pretty hardcore and may even be excited by a return to the somewhat laissez-faire lazy fare work ethos of the original run. I actually even have an idea for the next storyline: Alice tidies the apartment.

For those of you who like my weird flights of fancy, Yellow Sticky is updating daily. That's the single-panel comic that's literally just doodles I do at work. Several of my friends somewhat irritatingly prefer Yellow Sticky to Neko the Kitty, despite NtK being the one I pour my heart and soul into and Yellow Sticky existing literally as a by-product of my having a day job. I'm pretty sure that's just how art works.
Comment on Values
NtKGar, 13 Jul 2016 03:30 am
Don't worry @Koren, we're not cancelling, but we have to switch production methodologies to something I can continue with while working long hours. That means big set-piece action sequences are out for the time being and most of the filming's going to have to be done on the 'Alice's Apartment' soundstage. Essentially we're going back to normal, it's just that things have been weird for a really long time and we can't afford to put the super fancy capstone on the weirdness to flare it off. This sequence here is basically Teppic with the knife, and if you don't get the literary reference then Terry Pratchett's 'Pyramids' is a standalone Discworld adventure that's actually a pretty good place to get into the series from.

Oh! And thanks to everyone who recommended The Dresden Files! I just finished the fourth book, they're very much my cup of tea.
Comment on Values
D and Ns, 13 Jul 2016 02:28 am
@Koren: Man I hope not... I was just thinking things were gonna get even worse for Keno's group, but now I'm worried. Well, what ever Gar choses... I live with it.
Comment on Values
Koren, 12 Jul 2016 07:01 pm
It kinda sounds like the comic is being canceled now.
Comment on Strike the Set
D and Ns, 10 Jul 2016 02:49 pm
Hey Gar, glad to see you're okay... well "okay". Also, glad to hear your new job's working out. Take all the time you need and rest well man. We'll wait as long as it takes.
Comment on Strike the Set
SuperScratchkat, 10 Jul 2016 01:21 pm
Comment on Back Shortly!
NtKGar, 10 Jul 2016 08:42 am
Thanks for continuing to check up on me. I'm alright but my brain's just straight up not letting me continue with this storyline.


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