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Such a sweet little sociopath. Yes he is, yes he IS! D'awwww

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Comment on #1174 Ascent
Three people (Guest), 22 May 2015 09:29 am
Dawwwww thank you for showing that! its so cute!~
Comment on #1174 Ascent
CrayZeBouy, 21 May 2015 08:11 pm
Aww Murphy, you almost made it!

Also, I think this is the first time we've seen Aya smile.
Comment on #1174 Ascent
NtKGar, 21 May 2015 07:19 am
A bit late, but it's a 16-panel strip (19 including the vote incentive) and I was doing a diploma. Onward!
<img src='http://topwebcomics.com/rankimages/rankimage.aspx?ImageTemplate=dynamiclink2&a mp;SiteID=13974'>

On the last page a reader asked about Neko's parents. I don't know a lot about his Dad, but here's his Mum.
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/bFrS6X4.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" />

That's Garfield, my family's old cat. My very earliest memory is of her nursing her kittens in an old wooden tea chest that had been turned on its side and lined with blankets for the purpose. Mum had told us not to touch the kittens, so when one of them wandered away I followed it at a bit of a distance. It went out of the living room and all the way through the kitchen and out the back door, which was open. I remember following it down the gravel path which led around the house, and that's where the memory ends because life is narratively unsatisfying sometimes. I was only two or three at the time, and Garfield lived until I was twenty.

Neko gets a lot of his personality from her.
Comment on #1172 Cat Scan
Connors, 18 May 2015 12:48 pm
I voted today, but since you posted this it's one hundred one now.
Comment on #1173 Social Climber
NtKGar, 16 May 2015 03:20 am
Privilege is preserved by denying it to others. The word means "private law"-being unfair is kind of the point.
Comment on #1173 Social Climber
Lilithmae (Guest), 15 May 2015 11:43 am
I find this fight against equality to be ridiculous, and I don't even believe in marriage. I mean, on what planet is it okay to deny people what should be a basic right just because you don't like it? It's horribly immature and selfish.
Comment on #1173 Social Climber
NtKGar, 15 May 2015 04:52 am
That's her back-right leg.
Comment on #1173 Social Climber
VictorB, 14 May 2015 11:58 pm
Gar Gar Gar! In panel 3, Aya's foot jumps to her front! She should be missing one front foot, but I see two there
Comment on #1173 Social Climber
Three people (Guest), 14 May 2015 11:03 pm
uh derp?
Hi i know this is weird, But my best friends Kate Grace and i all have question's (Kate) What did neko's mom and dad look like? and would neko be afraid of his mom >:)( Grace ) did neko get his personality from his mom ( that would be awesome ) or his dad? ( ME ) what would neko look like if him and Alice switched hair color's? his whole body like that light neon blue and his stripe black then alice her hair white then the outline ginger..... THANK YOU!
Comment on #1173 Social Climber
NtKGar, 14 May 2015 05:57 am
Well, not this particular No group, but I see your point. People have independent social conscience and consciousness and disagreement is part of the human condition. It's entirely possible for two people's methods of reasoning to be entirely incompatible, and even if that weren't the case it's absolutely impossible to argue with peoples' guts.

That said, I remember being a Nintendo fan in school at the time of the first great Console War. At the time (let's say around age 8-13) I held a genuine contempt for anyone who even WANTED a Sega. In retrospect, having such strong feelings about it that it degenerated into shouting matches and a couple of actual fist fights is utterly ridiculous. Also, Nintendo won.

A couple of console generations later and it barely matters. Sega don't make consoles any more and Nintendo trails behind Sony and Microsoft in the home console market. Also since I discovered you can play most PC games from the last six or seven years with an Xbox 360 controller I've lost all interest in the PS4 and Xbox One.

So I'm part of the PC Master Race now, which Dad-jokes us nicely back to views on homosexuality. Everyone's just playing games. Just because you enjoy the mouse-and-keyboard combo for its fine aim control and quick access to menu commands via hotkeys doesn't really justify a visceral disgust of anyone who would prefer the more relaxed seating position and ease-of-use offered by a gamepad. You don't get to dictate peoples' tastes.

Homophobia is just nerd rage with delusions of morality.

Anyway, the Marriage Equality referendum is more like Xbox Gold. Say Microsoft decides it wants to eliminate its tiered membership system - No more Xbox Gold and Silver, everyone gets access to all the sales and special offers and multiplayer stuff, and nobody has to pay a subscription fee. Gold members keep all their Microsoft Points and badges and whatnot, but everyone gets upgraded to Gold. It's a proven business model (Works for Steam and iTunes and the like), but it requires a change in the User Agreement.

So Microsoft puts it to the vote - Vote Yes to upgrade everyone to Gold membership, vote No to keep things the way they are. Now just because the Silver members have plenty to gain and the Gold members have nothing to lose doesn't mean the Yes vote is going to carry. In fact if I were a betting man, and this scenario wasn't entirely hypothetical, I'd probably put my money on No, because Xbox gamers have quite an ugly reputation.

And even though I don't even own an Xbox any more, I'd still be quite upset to win that bet.

Is Ireland kinder and more sensible than the Xbox Live community? I certainly hope so. I think so. I'm pretty sure of it, in fact. I'm voting Yes on the 22nd to say so.


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