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Such a sweet little sociopath. Yes he is, yes he IS! D'awwww

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Comment on #1211 "DYAC"
someboddy (Guest), 05 Feb 2016 08:32 pm
"Please" - it really is a magic word!
Comment on #1211 "DYAC"
CrayZeBouy, 05 Feb 2016 06:56 pm
Is it "pentagrams" or "pentacles"?
The pentagrams seem to be suffering as well. I'm pretty sure that's just a cat face.
Comment on #1211 "DYAC"
ColdFusion (Guest), 05 Feb 2016 04:26 pm
Which is why hobos and wizards have so much in common
Comment on #1211 "DYAC"
NtKGar, 05 Feb 2016 02:12 pm
You'd be surprised what you can accomplish with just some rat blood and a willingness to shout gibberish. You really would.
Comment on #1210 "Connection Fee"
D and Ns, 03 Feb 2016 11:11 am
...This does not bode well for Poe, does it?

Glad to hear your new job is working out, by the way and I wish you good luck with your Patreon (I'd support, but I've heard people prefer you dont cut out after only a month or two, so I'm gonna make some money first).
Comment on #1210 "Connection Fee"
NtKGar, 02 Feb 2016 03:28 pm
So work is fine, everything's easy enough, the people are nice, and the walk is already easier. Getting up early again is the part I'm going to have the most trouble getting used to. It doesn't help that Aleister spent a lot of last night stomping all over me. It's fine when he settles down, but he's a large and heavy cat and he's got pointy little feet. It was nice when he curled up on my pillow, and terribly sweet when he put his little paw on my cheek and started purring really hard, but when that purring was paired with the happy claws at a quarter to two in the morning the sweetness is somewhat mitigated.

And then Luna came up (she loves Aleister and wanted to hang out) and started kneading me too, so I had the one paw full of happy claws in my face and another cat on Stab Patrol all up and down my side (and she didn't even hang out for pets).

So yeah. I'm sleepy.

Oh! And there's now a Neko the Kitty Patreon which I'd be happy if people supported.
Comment on #1209 "Their business isn't as profitable as it could be."
vlad (Guest), 01 Feb 2016 07:04 am
Ritalin and Viagra would not interact at all, that's what makes it funny! the college kids would probably be buying it just for the Ritalin, as a study aid. Then they would all be studying with an erection.

(trust me, I know what Viagra does, my high school biology textbook taught me about it no less than four times.)
Comment on #1209 "Their business isn't as profitable as it could be."
Deohvi, 01 Feb 2016 04:09 am
Your are not a doctor.
But this comic is way too amazing.
I love the characters and I am actually planning to get a tattoo of Poe.
Comment on #1209 "Their business isn't as profitable as it could be."
NtKGar, 31 Jan 2016 02:43 pm
I start work today! Actually as I write this I start work tomorrow, but there's supposed to be an illusion of immediacy to these things. Anyway when this is scheduled to go live I'll be on my way to work, totally unaccustomed to getting up early and leaving the apartment on the back of a night of inexplicable sleepless anxiety over what promises to be a fairly simple admin job.

Anyway, I'm not actually sure how ritalin and viagra would interact. I guess you'd be able to concentrate really hard on boning? but maybe you'd have an aneurysm and die. These possibilities aren't mutually exclusive, I don't know, I'm not a doctor.
Comment on #1208 "An almost perfect plan"
NtKGar, 29 Jan 2016 08:55 am
I was locked out for about two and a half hours. It was fine, one of the neighbours came home and let me use their bathroom (which was my main concern), and their cat sniffed my hand, let me pat its head, and then wandered off. The neighbour in question was a teenage girl home before her parents, so that was the entirety of my visit.

Actually socialising with people outside your age group was another running theme in Master of None. The evolving adult relationship with your parents is echoed by a friendship Dev strikes up at work with a character played by H. John Benjamin. It's weird seeing H. John Benjamin on screen, I'm used to him as Archer and Bob. He doesn't really look like either of them, but the voice is instantly recogniseable. Anyway he's the voice of experience and a lot of his advice for Dev is similar to that of his Dad but from a different perspective.

I think teenagers and adults don't talk because there's an internalised social suspicion and because it's just horribly awkward. That eases up as you get older, apparently, though I'm not sure at what point the boundaries vanish. I think once you hit Middle Age you get some sort of kit that lets you communicate with anyone in the 35-70 age range on a reasonably even footing. Childhood's all too brief, then children start seeming childish and you get a good couple of years as a teenager, then teenagers start seeming childish and maybe you get to be a College Kid for a couple of years or you go straight to Just Starting Out. That lasts for however long it lasts until one day you start giving good advice that's based on experience and you're an Adult. Then you're an Adult until you're an Old Person. It's how you spend most of your life, but there are a couple of years where it's all New.

Actually Shakespeare made the point I'm going for centuries ago, here you go http://genius.com/William-shakespeare-the-seven-ages-of-man-all-the-worlds-a-stage- annotated

Anyway, it was a nice cat. Black with yellow eyes, little square head, didn't ask its name.


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