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The magical adventures of a fat kid named Eric and his fanciful imaginary friend, Llewellyn Luffinpuff!


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Hahaha!!! I just love how the racoon's face is like "What the hell..." Also the background on Binda's computer is the picture about the eric and Megan from the activity night!!! I just have to love these little touches on this comic.
Oh. My. Golly. Gosh!!! I'am so happy I found this comic! It is like the BEST EVER!!! I know I am late. Like in two years qwq, but I just wanted to let you know, that you are wonderful for creating this, and for existing! The world would be much less creative and beautiful without you! I am sure you inspired many artists (for example ME).
I beleive that if you decided to end this comic, than it was for a good reason. However, if you decide to continue it, you would make me the HAPPIEST COW EVER!!! Bye bye now!

Ps.: Your art style is amazing!!!

Pps.: I hope you read this!
Ah there's a couple that fits!
Lenora got her eye on some licorice, methinks!
Thank you very much for this wonderful comic, Remington.

Is this the end of Luffinpuff and Eric's adventures?
Oh! I've got the happy tears!
Lenora's doing hatching her next scheme to ensnare Luffinpuff??

this is too cute!
Huh, was half expecting it to be an adult Eric. Kind of nice actually.
Also seems like Eric's Dad is cool with Luff.
@kidcthulhu - Glad you caught it, Cthulhu!

@RazorD9 - Could be a lot worse, right?

UP-UP-UPDATE! Page 2 of 2!

Thanx 4 reeding!
UP-UP-UPDATE! Page 1 of 2!
Huh, teaching gig eh? That's a good place for ol' Luff when all is said in done, well almost all anyways.
Refernces to Harvey the invisible rabbit AND Haribo gummies! I love it!
Update 2.5 of 2.5! Stay tuned for more later this week.
Update 0.5 of 2.5!
Update 1.5 of 2.5!
Love the little SD "I can explain" under that great panel with nearly all the characters in it.
At least the house isn't on fire, and Prom was last month.