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A curious duck and his friend travel the world together. They visit many places, and ask many questions. Often these things are not related.


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Comment on 227
Raydon (Guest), Jul 09, 2014, 12 pm
Both this and the last strip are numbered 227 and show up that way in the archive.
Comment on 272
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 04, 2014, 11 pm
The speeds we can achieve on earth(I make no claims whatsoever about space stations, shuttles) aren't enough to make a humanly noticable diferrence, though a sufficiently accurate clock may be able to.

If you could find a place off the earth that wasn't moving, you may notice a time difference to standing on earth
Comment on 271
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 04, 2014, 11 pm
If some apocalyptic disaster hit tomorrow, gold would quickly be worth less than food, especially canned foods that keep well. Gold is valuable because society agrees that it has value.
Comment on 265
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 04, 2014, 03 am
Stimuli produces an automatic response in the central nervous system. You could call it an animal driven entirely by reflex
Comment on 246
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 03, 2014, 09 pm
We've come to find out, quite a lot, the they hand over what they do track to the US govt.

Somehow mantaining a monopoly is okay when you don't have a letter in your name that can be easily replaced by a symbol for money.
Comment on 239
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 03, 2014, 09 pm
I don't think it's inherently unfair to use adblock, especially in cases where your computer may be compromised, I do think it's fair for sites to ask you to disable adblocker, or even to deny entry to adblocker users, though.

To answer a question above, there are essentially four common ways ad revenues are paid. The most common is pay-per-click, where each person who clicks the ad generates a pre-decided amount for the host site. The second is pay-per-impression, where every time a specific advert is shown it generates revenue for the host site. Per impression ads tend to have a lower individual item revenue, but don't require click throughs to make money. The rise of adblock and similar utilities has reduced how common this is, however flash adverts at the beginning of flash videos are bringing it back, like moshi-ads. The third type is pay-per-time, where a specfic advert is shown for a specific amount of time regardless of the number of impressions or clicks the advert gets. Project wonderful uses this method, I believe. The final method is block selling. This is where an agreement is reached that an advert will be shown until it reaches a specified number of impressions, or clicks.
Comment on 238
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 03, 2014, 08 pm
Thanks to the way hollywood accounting is done even movies that do tens of millions in ticket sales can count as breaking even, or even a loss. For example, Ghostbusters was not considered to have any profits at all.

In actual terms, though I'm not sure
Comment on 227
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 03, 2014, 02 am
I disagree, food will always be more important than arms and armour. It may not be glamourous, but starvation has killed many many more time over what wars have.
Comment on Aximili E I!
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 03, 2014, 01 am
It depends on how you define sound.

In terms of physics the potential energy in the falling tree is converted to kinetic energy, then released as a number of forces, one of which is the sound force. Thanks to the law of conservation of energy, none of these forces can be removed as we currently understand the universe.

Others however, have argued that since the observation of an event changes an event, it is the act of a receptor of some kind(human ears or a recording that is heard by humans) that qualifies the noise force as actual sound.
Comment on 225
Ishtar (Guest), Jul 03, 2014, 01 am
Autotune for aesthetic reasons is still neat, from proven artists, but it always was passè for actual pitch correction from poor singers.

Odd really, since that was it's original purpose


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