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A story of an admin from an old mmoprg Endless Online.
OMG you would not believe the things I had to deal with it -__-. Yes, this is a story about me, an admin on EO during a time when our server crashed due to a fraud in server service.


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What buisness could he have infront of a church I wonder? maybe he's being a rebel...
emo, wizard and object of scorn, nice. His smile is evil though!
August 26th, 2010
I used to play EO... it was pretty fun but then I got back into school and never logged back in until a year and a half later...
Everything had changed by then and it was really confusing! xD

Ah well... good times, good comic ^^

Oh... and you made an error in your bio of the comic. You have it as MMOPRG instead of MMORPG. Just a bit of friendly info for you.
Also confused. Haven't played Endless in ages... not like I was very good at it anyway.