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The Goddamn Panty Brigade

The Goddamn Panty Brigade are a group pop punk trouble-making girls who might just be the only *PROFESSIONAL* adventurers in the music industry.


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February 21st, 2014
HEYYYYYYYYYYYY pantycons! (a sin decepticons not panty complex. but we might all be that too in a way hahah) any ways long time guys! long long lonnggg show the girls some love!
New ‪#‎goddamnpantybrigade‬ "destroyer class mega babes" ‪#‎comics‬ ‪#‎webcomics‬ ‪#‎mahoushoujo‬
November 8th, 2013
garnet seems to have her own bag of secrets. what exactly did she take from Davina Thrills?
October 15th, 2013
Oh man im fighting teh urge to recite or rather regurgitate the ol' whats in teh box. ..... Whats in the bag? LOL
Oh, man the girls just cant get a fucking break. who shows up? The fucking Pop Princesses in full mahou shoujo gear. there goes the neighborhood.

first panel has a cameo by band Angels of Mischief

the song in question:
October 1st, 2013
Alright! so i reorganized the chapters and stuff. and im gonna treat all the comics as an ongoing comic and well just seperate storylines in print. :D
SO, here we go!
It’s time for the first stop on the girls party tour! and yes the title is a play on bar room heroes. in case you didnt get it!
September 24th, 2013
heyhey hey! The girls found their first party to crash! woo!
August 20th, 2013
time to start the night!
August 13th, 2013
The girls chow-down and try to figure out what to do next. But who happens to be waoting on them? Nina FUCKING Wright!!!(see vol. 1 Ch2)

Talking about you’re coinkidinks!
August 6th, 2013
Boredom can make you do some pretty weird things. drawing fancomics about yourself is one of them. why do you think theres so many webcomics?
It would seem that the pantybrigade have began to turn gears they did not plan to.
April 4th, 2013
a jobs is a job is a job.
March 27th, 2013
Not only do they kick their asses, but they rip their colors? BADASS.
March 25th, 2013
Garnet is definitely in a take no shit kinda mood in today's #goddamnpantybrigade #comic #webcomic #blood #stomp
March 18th, 2013
The blackheart raiderz begin to buckle under the power of Fifi’s fighting skills and Lizzy’s l337 hacking skillz. Which give gar the opening she’s needed.
And Fifi is off in a fit of passion! also we learned some tidbits about urban warfare!
oh ho ho ho! Garnet is pulling out the stops! And look at that her eye has a nifty holographic icon ;D
SO we learn alittle about what pulls Fifi to gravitate towards garnet. its not anything but pure love of chaos. you see here she lives for these moments. and you can tell lizzy doesnt. haha
March 11th, 2013
Technology to spare! This is a future where a car can phase through things and a girl can have terminator vision! This is the future we were told of in our youth!
March 10th, 2013
Alright so we learned a bit about classes. we clearly have an upper society and a lower society. and we have gangs. sex divided gangs, at that