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For the liberal gay atheist in all of us. New comics each weekday at 12:01 AM.


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So, this is so stupid! Building a mosque at ground zero is supporting the terrorists! But abortion bombing is procting God's word!
What does this webcomic and niggers have in common?
I hate them both.
Hnnnng (Guest)
February 21st, 2016
Wow thats terrible. KYSSSS
This is just hideous.
You know, Bambi, you could have just told him you were bisexual.
Her argument in this one doesn't make any sense.
And, well, christians use it anyways, so if anything they are hypocrites.
All Christians are hateful bigots and Atheists are all wonderful angels that do no wrong. Yep.

Because that's how everyone is amirite. I've know some really kind hearted Christians as well as asshole atheists. Guess what -GASP- there's assholes everywhere. Stop being a close minded prick and learn to accept that there are good people that are religious.
@True Christian

Is that the best you can do is insult someone? Being raised christian, I fell away because I seen through the bronze age myths and seen them for what they really are, just a bunch of stories that have been used to oppress people through the centuries.

You might have faith that your religion is correct...however so did the people worshiping Odin, Zeus, and any one of the more than 1000 gods that predate christianity.

The only reason abrahamic religions still exist to this day is they added a clause that it was mandatory to kill non-believers. With that pretty much out of the way, it is only a matter of time before your religion will also suffer the same fate as religions that predate yours.

Myths are religions that people no longer believe.
You're still working on this dead idea? The reason why it's dead is because it was pretty crappy and the plot sucks. It has no real appeal to anyone other than hardcore atheists. It's not really even witty or funny. You're just wasting everyone's time including yourselve's. You honestly expect someone to pay 24 dollars for 100 comic strips of this?
This comic should change its title to "Mary Sue and the Straw Man".
Hey, somebody mentioned Pagans for once! lol. Love this comic.
November 19th, 2011
Miss this comic
Hi Peregrin,

As the creator of the comic, I kind of miss it too. I would like, at some point, to bring the comic back. Right now I am working on creating the comic as a live action web series. Or rather, I am creating a live action web series based on the comic. Most of the cast is in place and I am working on the scripts. I hope to start filming sometime in the next couple of months.

I have already filmed some of the Idiot Tests with the actress that is going to be playing Bambi Ballass. Those films and some other projects we have worked on are on the Sparrow's Eye View YouTube channel. Here is the link to it.
Miss this comic
Any plans on bringing it back?
This comic is perfect and Bambi is a wonderful person! This is perfect for supporting equal rights! People need to stop promoting hatred like one of the IDIOTS above, and start promoting LOVE! This is America and we should take care and love everyone no matter what!!' GROW UP PEOPLE! keep up the good work with this comic!
Welcome Back!
That art thing
How often do you post the comics?
awww snap if my scaner still worked or i had a tablet :I id toatly draw for you?
If you can actually laugh at yourself, maybe idiocy isn't such a bad thing. I need more of that.
I disagree on that one - this only proves you're human!