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These are the continuing voyages of unlikely housemates and their adventures through life, time, space, and comedy. (updated M-W-F)

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I would NOT want to be on Lucky's bad side....ever.
page 100 on Monday!!!
I love the fancy phones of the time.
I hate drawing them :)

Ah well :)
It looks so good :)
(and i bet over time i can edit further and make it even better with the new things I learn :) )
The best way to read this page, is In conjunction with pages 95 and 96.

Back it up a couple pages, then read them through.

Then, imagine that in film :)

(I love these kind of transitional bits.)
Recommend you read pages 95, 96, and 97 in short succession.
It works better in film than it does in spaced out page releases :)

Speaking of video, here's a foolish little ninjakitty cartoon :)
(a friend taught me how to use a kid's animation program. too much fun!)

Turtle Turtle!
@toboe4u: you know, I dont always see these comments and i wonder why.

I think of the times I could have spoken to you or someone else who posted...

and i'm sorry for that.
I will try to keep better tabs on pages... (seriously wondering why i was never notified that you said hi :(

Sending you big hugs from almost 6 years in the future...

and I am sure I did.
at the time, all the way up to now, I have been asking for pens and paper for the holidays :) and so far I have not been disappointed :)

I hope you are well today :)
take good care of yourself :)
*extra hugs*
I do not like him Sam I am.
My hands are hurting pretty bad today.

ah well.
more edits will happen in the future, but in the mean time! STORY!

needs mah story man!!! :)
Wonder why he's here?
Without women, this comic would not be here.

A special shout out to all the ladies in my life, who have been my life givers, my teachers, my keepers when times get rough, my inspirations, the people who went through YEARS of working hard so that I get to vote, and I could own property, I could have a divorce (should the need arise), I get to have my own medical care without need of consent from a male, and I get to have any kind of job, let alone fighting to make sure that we can have jobs in science, medicine, academics...

I know I'm forgetting much in that list... but it will have to do for now (add in if you'd like)

Thank you
Author's advice to any who wants it
Make sure, that if you're going to a friend's house, or anywhere else that you may stay over even the slightest bit longer than you intended...

Set up a couple days worth of autoposts that you can boost and share from a phone (friends, relatives, kind strangers...whathaveyou)

at the worst, the pages will still be there, and you wont get to tell anyone about it.

Your readers will just come looking.

I say this with a bit of "I give myself very good advice...but I very seldom follow it" in mind :)

(and now I have that song stuck in my head. I love that song :) )

Happy Comic-ing!!!
Good luck Captain, she's a slippery one!
A fun fact that I learned the other day.

Bird's hearing, directly coincides with where their eyes are placed.
EG: a predator bird with eyes front, their hearing is directed towards the front.
a prey bird, eyes sideways, has hearing that ranges out to the sides.

This link had a good visual drawing of the concept
Right now, we are all screaming that frustration...
Wait, what???
OH NOES!!!!!
the autoposting wonder strikes again!
Wondering where today's comic was?
well... Apparently I didnt know what today's date was.

happy wednesday to you all.
Deep breath, eh?
Who are the big boys?
anyone else, in their mind, saying "the greater good"...

(heh.. Hot Fuzz. for those who dont know it, it's a british comedy spoof on buddy cop films. good times :) for parents, there is violence and exercise your parental caution :) )