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Ninja Kitteh vs Shaolin Puppy

These are the continuing voyages of unlikely housemates and their adventures through life, time, space, and comedy. (updated M-W-F)

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Ninja Kitteh VS Shaolin Puppy is copyright of Trish Malone (from 2010 til well after I'm dead, or someone else has bought the right)

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This page brought to you by, a dying marker :)

When that old marker isnt quite giving you the solids you want, don't throw it away :)
Use it to make a massively messy scene.
Strong stomach indeed.

a thought here.
PTSD, is not the end of a sentence, or even a paragraph.

It is the middle commentary in the story that is the rest of your life.

With help, you can choose how that commentary runs.
Ralph, sexier than your average lamp!

Yes he is, and he and James are getting along quite well :)
(though they don't appear nearly enough in the stories... will have to work on writing some more for them)
April 19th, 2017
@triforce fandom:

(just in case you never saw the music video :) )
@triforce fandom: awww :) thankyou :)
@triforce fandom: ^,^
@triforce fandom: ooooooooooooooooooooh yeah :)
A special tip of the hat to "Mystery of the Wax Museum"
and Glenda Farrell :)
Funny and Fabulous!
@monkeypainter: sings we stand for everfree to you
@monkeypainter: insert nose bleed and shipping
@monkeypainter: nostalgia critic will hate this come the very end (YouTube)
@monkeypainter: more "Who framed roger rabbit"? nice
@monkeypainter: (high 5s monkey)
@monkeypainter: insert random spike room (room fill with purple dragons)
@monkeypainter: I like your style of drawing its cya(cute yet awesome)
@monkeypainter: he looks cooler now
@monkeypainter: he looks cooler now
@monkeypainter: roger is defiantly gay in my yet I support the gays.