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The Scratchy Scratching of Scratch

The Scratchy Scratching of Scratch

a retelling of events from the bad guy's perspective (not that the other guys arent also bad, we just admit to it)

Contains: Strong language, and mentions of sexual themes.
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hell we don't give a shit anymore
********apply now********
we'll let pretty much anyone in
it's not like we do anything anymore
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The Scratchy Scratching of Scratch

a retelling of events from the bad guy's perspective (not that the other guys arent also bad, we just admit to it)

Contains: Strong language, and mentions of sexual themes.

Recent Comments

black people are fucking terrible, to be quite honest
go away
im the football in this comic. mind telling us who you are?
damn i havent commented on this account in 6 years
i think you should like let go of all this. scratchy scratch was just a mean spirited joke, don't let it keep getting to you 6 years later

well now it's awkward because we posted at like the exact same time
hey if we aren't logged in it's probably not us talking. ignoring the last few comments,
yeah we've all moved on pretty much

we all still talk, except for the furry bros / beepveep / floating magic tree (who shows up on palringo once every few months even though we've moved onto somewhere else)
sorry for ruining your teen years and glad to hear something good came out of this

we don't really check for comments either, someone linked me here otherwise i wouldn't have seen this

and yeah as many people have guessed i was blade the whole time. i was gonna suggest the whole anonymous thing at the beginning but the others leapt into it so it didn't really matter
Well, is a salary of $19 per hour at age 18 considered shit to you?

Come on, man, you're not helping your case by using facts pulled out of your ass as a retort. Interesting that you describe my description as "vague rubbish" too, I was actually a little concerned it was so specific you could track me down without too much trouble. (Speaking of which, "rubbish"? That means you're likely from the UK, and as I recall, only one of you hailed from there. Oops.)

If you're not proud of it, you're not proving it with this malevolent shtick you're pulling. Or maybe that's why you chose to post anonymously, it's all a game in your mind but now you're afraid to have your name associated with this kind of vile bullshit anymore. Which is just precious, honestly, but it speaks volumes about your personality, and that's not something to be proud of.
well i worked on the software to get the mars rover into space, and i'm writing some software to solve the international debt crisis. ive got some software in the backburner to feed starving african children too... all at a young age, of course. man is it easy to type bs on the internet... i mean, uh, looks pretty good on my resume!

pretty sure when real people are hired straight out of high school they get a shit salary because they have no qualifications. it's also worth noting that all people in high school can't program at all... hiring a high school student is a risky move for safety critical software like the vague rubbish you're describing.

just like you, i'm not proud of it, but i don't regret it either. we were all young, and we got over it. you should too.
Guess I was wrong, you're still nothing but an angsty teen at heart. But you're an adult now, so act like it. You can't use immaturity to excuse toxic behaviour and mannerisms anymore.

By the way, nice projection, but my life is no longer shit. Far from it, actually. I spent most of my adolescence building my skills in computer science to the point where I was hired straight out of high school to work for a software company, developing health solutions for hospitals around Canada (and as of recently into the USA). Basically, the software helps standardize clinical procedures to stop doctors from performing needless scans on your body which, in addition to saving the healthcare system a fair sum of money and eschewing false diagnoses, may stop you from being exposed to carcinogenic levels of radiation. We have patents on our software and are pioneers in this field. Needless to say, it looks pretty damn good on a resume.

Now. Am I proud of how I acted in the past? No. Am I sorry? No. I was a child acting like a child. You, on the other hand, happily toyed with my and other's minds from an impressionable age.

Let me put it this way... If your current employer connected this comic to your real life identity, do you think you would be in for a good time? Well, depending on your country's laws, especially with the increased awareness for this stuff in the last few years, some of what I've found in the archives could be pretty incriminating. I think you're forgetting some of the lows you guys stooped to for the shock value.

And you're all doing well for yourselves? I'll believe it when I see it. Why don't you reveal who you are, or even just what you've done since this comic? I'd love to hear all about your amazing contributions to the world. We could be "frenemies"!
just here to say, i don't regret anything, your life is shit because of your own actions.

to dispel your retarded fantasies, we're all doing very well for ourselves, and contributing more to the world than you ever will.
I'm genuinely curious as to where the authors of this comic ended up. Do you guys ever look back on this and cringe at your past selves? I mean, you've all grown out of your edgy teen phase at this point - at least, one would hope - so I wonder what your perspective on all this is now.

Take it from an outsider... you guys pretty much ruined my early teen years, I have to admit. You made me suicidal. That might sound dramatic, but it's true. Thanks to you, though, I was inspired to campaign against cyber crime and help victims of online abuse, so at least one good thing came from this comic.

Well... this comic's relevance is long gone. it's been about half a decade, and Scratch is a different place. But I'm left to wonder: did you guys go on to do anything useful with your lives?
this is like. fucking surreal.

i dont even remember doing most of this. i barely even remember this "The Cowboy" shithead but all i know is that he was a fucking asshole.

what the hell was even the point of all this. was there any rhyme or reason behind this shitstorm? thats probably why it ultimately failed big time. because it was just a parade of people throwing feces at each other because it's complete bullshit.
April 23rd, 2015
ohhhhhhh my godddddddd what the fuckkkk
holy fucking shit. i cannot believe this absolute bullshit

i can barely even skim through this nightmare of atrocities without getting the strongest urge to just throw up violently

what the fuck was i doing. i cannot believe that you guys could, even for a second, tolerate me. beep-veep the fucking bandana wearing star control freak. jesus christ.

also what even was this? you guys were mad at some mods so you made some palringo group? what the hell even is palringo? why was i involved? how did i even become part of this circus show?? i didn't even hate the mods!!!! or any of the people on scratch for that matter.

i'm also fairly certain you guys really hated the furry rp people. I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. I HAD NO REASON TO BE PART OF THIS. WHAT THE FUCK
great comic loved every bit
his drawing style has improved nowadays

but yes in his old projects his art were crap
also that isn't a weird ear he's holding the gun against his head because even though he's pretty amazed at silvers ability to be a football he isn't letting his guard down (until the cops come of course)
a real halloween horror story