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by plusook
Hey everyone, thank you for your support throughout my working on 1-600!
I'm working on new projects now that I'm in college, focusing on short story graphic novels. If you want, you can take a peek at!
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7 Years Ago
Hey everyone, thank you for your support throughout my working on 1-600!
I'm working on new projects now that I'm in college, focusing on short story graphic novels. If you want, you can take a peek at!


Recent Comments

March 11th, 2014
Aww, gosh. I'm surprised people are still checking. My honest apologies for letting this comic slide off of updates.

At this point, I don't intend to finish up the comic- but still, I really appreciate the loyalty, goodness!

I am still doing comics, though they're quite a bit different now. I'm focusing on short stories instead of serial ones. If you're at all interested in those, you can see some of what I'm doing at, or

Thank you all so much for following me through 1-600!, despite it's gradual ending due to college demands. Much love and I hope you find many a new comic to enjoy!!
the one year anniversary of your haitus is coming up! maybe an update would be nice?
I fail at commenting xD
*good luck at whatever you~re doing right now! :)
Where are youuuuu???
What happened to the comics? D: I miss you anyways, good luck with whatever
March 30th, 2013
ok I know how I just said I ship tang and Bas a few pages ago but...
I can change my ship! I ship tang and craig now *-*
Tang and Bas
I ship it
omg this is soooo cute. it's weird... but so cute!
YAYAYAY! you're back!

I'm looking forward to more and more and more ^^ I've missed this comic.

lol thats right xD mick hasn't met Bas outside of doggie form has she?
December 28th, 2012
Hooray!! :) Finally back. If you haven't seen the tumblr or the edit to the last post, I'm back for winter break! I'll be updating several times a week and building a buffer for this next semester. Thank you for your continued patience, and I really am sorry for all these spotty patches. I'll always come back for breaks and summer at the least, but I really hope to figure out a system during school!

In any case, Happy Holidays and see you again very soon! :)
cstar (Guest)
December 18th, 2012
Are your midterms over yet? I just really miss this comic. So well drawn, so original!
I can't wait until the next strip :)
Whui, just read all the comic stips I missed while having no internet...
Bas Dahn and Amira are cute together. But Elliots behaviour at the moment is a bit jerky. Especially because Tang now feels like his best friend had abandoned him. Not a nice emotion to go through...
November 21st, 2012
Come on now... isn't a month a bit too long of a wait, even considering real life obligations? An update... please!
Oh so do I hope C:
I miss chu and the updates ;o;

And meh, I still haven't found a fitting frame from the comission I bought XD But I'll find it sooon >:'3 And then it'll be in my living room >:'D
October 27th, 2012
EDIT: Hey everyone, thanks for all the support! You guys are so sweet. I'm really sorry for being so inconsistent. I'm going to be out of town for Christmas and will be back on the 27th, and updates will be back on the 28th by the latest. I hope to build a little bit of a buffer over break.

I'll also have internet in my apartment this coming semester which will help a lot, and I hope to have once a week- probably Saturdays- as a goal since 2 or 3 times is always too much!

Thanks again and I'm very sorry for all the delays!!

Pardon the inconsistencies again! Midterms, ah.
I hope to be back more often!
October 7th, 2012
Elli you are ruining everything aintcha.
October 2nd, 2012
Hey everyone! I'm very sorry for the long delay. I think I've got the college scheduling down now, and hope to be updating once or twice a week! No specific days as it's difficult to predict homework, but I'm going to make 1-600 a priority in the free time I do have.
Thanks for sticking with me! :)
Clare (Guest)
September 2nd, 2012
Amg, no babby stop crying ahhhhhHHHH. MY HEART IS BREAKING.
Noo how can Elliot break up the duo, the friends till the end, THE STUDY Tang is such a cutie its ok he has Craig.