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Random Kanto Extras

by Namm_killazilla
You know Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, right? Good. Now here's FR/LG a little different. Okay, a lot different.

I update as much as I can without going over one comic a day.

The first 40 comics or so are of poor quality, so after reading them, feel free to ignore them. The quality of the comics after that point is very, very debatable.
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6 Years Ago
You know Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, right? Good. Now here's FR/LG a little different. Okay, a lot different.

I update as much as I can without going over one comic a day.

The first 40 comics or so are of poor quality, so after reading them, feel free to ignore them. The quality of the comics after that point is very, very debatable.

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Why does Red have Blue's hair?
August 22nd, 2015
Remoraid used dive
February 25th, 2014
Ummm. Double team!!!
As if they do anything for India.
You guys are more lucky.
How did that happen?
Mewtwo was made by crazy futuristic technology. In the new game Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition, he's teamed up with an ancient Japanese feudal lord.

Clearly Celebi's nearby.
Just as planned.
After this, Pikachu is sent out and manages to beat Raichu anyway.

Vs Raichu - The Original
This and the next 3 pages are 4 comic scripts that differed from their final versions by quite a bit. The battle between Green and Surge still ended the same way, though.
... that's it?
That's all the celebration you'll get out of me!

What would be the point? It'd be the same crap as #100...

[The image you see now is even less than the original celebration. The original celebration was an animation that started with the image you see here as the first frame. Green complained that there was no celebration, then told Red and Blue, who were also disappointed. They then told Prof. Oak, who told them that the animation they were in at the present time was the celebration after all, and everyone cheered. Then, James complained he wasn't even in the animation. The end.]

[The original animation was destroyed when Drunkduck went down, and all images were replaced by .jpg's. Since the original was an animated GIF, the image was no longer animated and this still image of Green was all that was left. 'Tis a pity.]
A New Place to Sleep
This is the new Pokemon Center which will be used for where the trainers rest, bathe, and watch TV.

If you wanna use it, go ahead.


Oh yeah, and credits go to the people that ripped the original Pokemon Center that I based it off of. And credit to the people that ripped Pallet Interiors, because that's where some of this stuff comes from.

[lol it's a NES]
Don't trust ten-year-olds
Or however old he/she is. Eleven? Twelve? Thirteen?

If you try to do this in the games, they tell you not to steal. It would've been a lot cooler, though, if a guy battled you everytime you tried to take it.

Yup. So remember, don't trust anyone that's younger than you. You'll just find your Pokemon - er, your money gone.
A New Site!
Battle Frontier gets its own site. Updates will no longer appear on the main comic.

Of course, Battle Frontier characters will still appear for various things like holiday specials. [Holiday specials and fillers now go onto the Extras site, instead. Everything's split up!]

But yeah, you can go there now for Battle Frontier comics.

After all the Battle Frontier comics are added to the site, they will be REMOVED from this site. That means all the comments, too. [This was finished a while ago.]

Coincidentally, this comic was put up exactly one year after THE BIG #100: May's Interview.

[Battle Frontier has stopped updating. The story got boring, but I'll see if I can improve it in the future.]
August 12th, 2011
Cursing curse curse curse!


Yeah, that's curse! I cursed, you mothercurser!

[And all you have to do is put random black bars on words.]
I entered these sprites to possibly appear in Pokemon Granite as a cameo in a Battle Tournament. [Psst - didn't make it.]
Since there wasn't really time to come up with a whole Halloween special, I made this. Much lazier than last year's.

It was funny at the time...
And now you know.
Maybe one day, GameFreak will run out of areas in Japan to make any new regions, and will try new things. Like this. [They did!]

I've made better maps (OMG he knows how to make Pokemon maps), with routes, proper positioning, and colour levels, to make it look like an actual Pokemon map.

Unfortunately, I did a lazy one for the purpose of this filler, finding a map of Canada, sticking towns on there, and then calling it a day.

The types for each of the gyms are based on that location - Vancouver has a large Asian population, and that related to fire. Somehow. Perhaps it's because there are firebreathing dragons... but then I could've done the Dragon-type, couldn't I?

Moving on, to Calgary, which is in plains area, where it's just flat land pretty much until you get to the Rockies.

Uranium City isn't actually much of a city, with a tiny population less than the population of Kanto. And it's a video game! But anyways, Uranium City mines uranium, and that made me think of uranium poisoning.

Iqaluit, the one far up north, is the capital of Nunavut. Since it's all the way up north, and it's already in CANADA, it has to be Ice.

Toronto, the largest city, in both population and size in Canada, has Steel because it's a very modern city. [This one is very obvious.]

Ottawa, the one north of Toronto, is the capital of Canada, and has Water because of its rivers. The area north of it is the Pokemon League, which I guess you can call 'Parliament Hill.' [In retrospect, I should have put the Water gym at Niagara Falls, Canada's most famous waterfall. Niagara Falls also has a hydroelectric dam, so Electric works here too.]

East of Ottawa is Quebec City, which I chose Rock for because it is a walled in city from the olden days. I chose Rock for those walls.

The one at the very east is Halifax, which I chose Electric for simply because it has a big lighthouse, just like Sunyshore. Duh. [This one could have used Water too, since it's also a shore.]

[So, yeah! Pokemon Black/White doesn't take place in a region based off of Japan, but instead in New York. I don't think they'll do Canada, though. That's sad. Canada has so much potential.]
If you don't get it, I seriously think you should get out more. Well, get out more onto the Internet, anyways.
Name Problems
Since they named one of the Rocket Admins 'Lance,' we now have two Lances.

When I first heard that there was a Rocket Admin named Lance, I thought it was Champion Lance in disguise as a Rocket. But that obviously wasn't true.

In Japanese, they don't have a problem because Champion Lance is named Wataru in Japan. But they better change the name when HeartGold/SoulSilver comes around Spring 2010. [They did, Rocket Lance's name is now Proton.]

This is a Pok'erandom filler.
She's Upgraded, Too
Sabrina's new clothes are a lot more modern than in previous games in HG/SS. She now has the kind of clothing you expect someone her age to have.

[The hair I made for her is pretty ugly.]
For Spriters Everywhere
All you need to do is stick some new colours and accessories onto an old sprite, and then it becomes a new sprite. Tada.