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Hell's Bells

by PigeonStar
Living life as an adult is never fun for Cadi. She's struggles with paying rent and feeding herself while doing odd jobs. Then things get interesting when she ends up living with a demon that has escaped from the bowels of Hell.

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9 Years Ago
Living life as an adult is never fun for Cadi. She's struggles with paying rent and feeding herself while doing odd jobs. Then things get interesting when she ends up living with a demon that has escaped from the bowels of Hell.



Recent Comments

location within my public complexes! kcdaekabbdbg
December 21st, 2010
December 21st, 2010
(talking about the last bubble)
I would pay to see that.
December 21st, 2010
The boldness reminds me of my favorite artist, Christy Lijewski <333
totally gorgeous
"You are the cream to my coffee baby" lmfao! I keep on laughing. Oh and.. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!! I want more.

P.S He's Hot!
Nooo problem. Good luck with your project. I can settle for this insert. The caption is hilarious :D
Good luck with everything! I only just came across this today, and it looks very interesting :)

Such wonderfully dynamic pages!
Good luck with your school work! (:
And we're waiting patiently, don't worry. Haha, the waiting will make the next update all the better.
Sweet. I hope it gets published!
Take your time with updates.
it's cool.
No prob by me. Good luck!
So as you guys have's not a new page...;_;

I SEVERELY underestimated how tough this quarter was going to be (not to mention, I'm gonna be graduating in a couple of months DADKLFJ;ADLFJD;LAKSJ ).

If you guys don't already know, I am a sequential art major and so comics are ALSO my homework! T-T

Anyway, what you see here is a sneak preview from what I'm currently working on. :) (with amusing caption inserted hahahaha). It's a series I've been developing for the past year, and so now I've finally gotten the chance to start on the first chapter, which I'll be pitching to publishers and hopefully get it published! :)

BUT, this does NOT mean, I'm stopping Hell's Bells. It's just means that my updates will be...well...a bit strange for the time being. I'm trying to get enough of my other comic done (it's also for my Senior Project--so it's for a grade as well) so that I can get a more balanced schedule later.

I apologize dearly for not updating on a regular basis! Drawing comics is tough (I myself have underestimated this fact ORZ)! Thanks for understanding! T-T I'll try harder!
October 16th, 2010
I really enjoy your art style- in particular the colouring. Very inspiring :) I hope you choose to continue to colour pages- the uniqueness of your art style is one of the things that made me start reading this comic! I'm looking forward to more pages.
strawberry kitkat
October 14th, 2010
LOL second panel he looks like he's getting ready to stick that cig up his nose. I guess if that's how they do it....

This is gorgeous. I lovelovelove it.
September 27th, 2010
i vote for color pages. gives everything more life.
September 27th, 2010
oh... mi... YES! XD

i am so glad i found this...
September 27th, 2010
I agree with raizath =)
One rule: don't force you : if you want to take your time and color, do it, and if you prefer get faster... let's go!
September 27th, 2010
Every time I see a new page from you I remember "Oh right! This comic is freakin' awesome!" Really! I do. I forget. I have a bad memory. XD

As for your color or not to color dilemma, I probably don't have any right to even comment. I know about as much about visual art as a fish knows about flying. What I suppose I can say, if you'll permit advise from someone as unaware to the process and labor as me, is that your pages are visually astounding. The color looks great. I think readers would be willing to deal with slower updates if you're producing this quality of pages. HOWEVER, if the real problem here is the effort it takes for you to create the pages, then I think it'd be better for you to ink. If the comic becomes tedious for you, I can assure you just from what I've seen of other webcomics that your updates will become a whole lot less frequent. And no comic really needs color to be good. I know a lot of great black and white comics and a lot of mediocre colored ones. And inked pages leaves a great opportunity for astounding colorful bonus images. ;D But I'll assume you already know all this. I'm just supporting my argument with facts, man.

TL;DR version: Why do you want to switch, because it's too hard on you, or because you're worried about what the audience thinks of your update schedule? If it's because of the audience, keep the color, alter the schedule. If it's because of your own feelings on the matter, go with the inking. Personally, I think backlogging is a good idea regardless. Seems to take some of the stress off the comic-maker when it comes to updates.
Fang Shinobi
September 27th, 2010
I love the colors, but I can see how much effort and time has been put into this. But it would be pretty acceptable by me if it suddenly went black and white.
September 27th, 2010
I love his expression 8'D When a broom is tossed his way. I've loved how it's been in color so far .w. I agree with what roflmao has to say.