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They say the bonds of brothers are unbreakable. That no matter what they will be the only things that matter in the end of it all.

Thats what brothers do.

So when three brothers are put to the test, to stop a spreading nightmare. They will need every bit of support they can get, especially from eachother. This is the story of the Trinity, legends protrayed in the Chaos Chronicles.

Update schedule: random

Story by the Comic Broz

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Woo c:
How was that sword effect in Panel four made?
Stare deep into my eyes.. and let the Darkness consume you...
Uh pretty much half of the comics are missing...
>Comic shows it's here

>No comic can be seen no matter how many times I refresh

Comic anxiety. '^'

First of all I am soooooo sorry for not updating this in over a year. Lifes been a real bitch lately.
I really hope you guys give this comic another chance.

It feels good to be updating a comic that's my own again. Lately I've been focusing more on my author comics and collab comics.
But this comic always carried a special place in my heart and I refuse to let it go.

ANYWAYS, you might wanna go back and read the pages to sorta get what's going on.
In this page, we continue the fight between our hero Khenan and the infected soldier.

I hope you enjoy.
I really hope to get this comic kicking again.


Hope, Fear, and Revenge (a spin off)

Walking Away from the Sun

And of course, Animals vs Humans


So I'll see ya guys soon. The Prologue is reaching it's climax.

Don't forget to rate, COMMENT, and fav~

since when did you become a troll or have i just missed that fact?
Hey, look, more Chaos Zero Recolours. Hooray.
Awww. Blue Guy Lost. Ooooh nooooo.
hey guys. new comic.
me and roy have been planning this all year. finally are getting it started.
it takes place in the same universe as this comic, but it will be focussing on some other characters as well.

the intro is already up.


dont forget to comment.

oh and in case u didnt notice, trinity updated last night. check that out as well by clicking the "latest" button.

cya guys soon.
October 17th, 2012
well this ought to be interesting

copa: what the hell is going on with my brother?!
Me: ...shut up...
Hey All!

special thanks to my friend Royle McCulloch for making this page for me. I'm currently too busy to make the long ass pages i normally make and i rly wanted to get this plot moving so we could go on to the main story.

by the way, me and royle have started a new comic. i made the intro in advanced and it officially start tomorrow. i'll link u guys up.

rate comment fav and have a nice day peeps.
This is Fan-fucking-tastic ult!

...oh wait i made this page.
October 6th, 2012
Whaz tis?


Hey all!

first things first, special thanks to my friend Royle McCulloch (the guy who made the profile banner) for making this page for me. ive been pretty busy with life and stuff, so i called upon his helping hand.
also, me and roy are planning what is going to be a spinoff/crossover to this comic. i'll hit you guys up with a link once it starts.

now, summary: ...basically its more fighting. we get to see khennan in action. what will happen next? find out next time.

so rate,
comment (i mean it now),
and have a nice day people.
Excuse him whilst he pulls out his awesomeness.
This is so epic^^
Last panel: Sweeeet.