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Take a trip inside the mind of a 7-year old girl and listen to her thoughts on life.
But get ready, it's not about butterflies or My Little Ponies.

This is the dark side of childhood...


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February 13th, 2011
End, for now...
Seems I should have written this months ago. Anyway.
This is not the end of the comic, just the first chapter. I have no plans as of now on continuing it since I'm swamped with work... on another comic. Which I'll print and sell at SPX 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. After this semester, I will do the next chapter to see how much I've evolved over the past year (it was made in April-May 2010). Most likely I'll start drawing it in July after a busy busy June.
If I have any power left in me then.

(Btw, "slut" means "end" in Swedish. Just to clarify.)
January 16th, 2011
reminds me of coraline for som reason :3
You will never know how intrigued I am by this comic. o3o It's very brash and different, and I like it.
And We're Off!
Hey hey y'all!
�nskedr�mmar/Wishful Dreams is a slightly old comic of mine, made during April-May 2010, for a school class exhibition under the theme "Temptations".
It's containing a lot full frontal nudity (but not the erotic kind) so sensitive wievers and/or kids, don't read. Okay?

WD will update on Fridays and is 10 pages + 1 cover long, mostly black-white but with bits of colour here and there.
So when waiting for the next page, head over to my other (daily!) comic, Tiny Thoughts! ;)

EDIT: Changed the update rate to one page every Tuesday + Friday.