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a new kirb and friends!^^

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October 21st, 2017
I came to fap, with a price to fap.

time for you to get down on your knees and fap.
Night the fox13
February 13th, 2013
Best way to kill the devil
Royle McCulloch
October 17th, 2012
I have seen alot of creepy shit in my life. This takes the cake.
Pie God
September 10th, 2012
>random gibberish in comment and name with random number to hide fact you're a blatant spam bot and as a sad obvious attempt to defend against any spam blocking against identical messages
At least use those ACSII symbols that make a blank spaceee
Super Bluey
August 23rd, 2012
Money Maker Mike
July 31st, 2012
@Pie God: ...
Pie God
July 31st, 2012
No wait, this was from imgur too, never mind, you guys can continue.
Pie God
July 31st, 2012
Yeah, I don't even know about this one.
July 30th, 2012
...what the hell?
July 30th, 2012
Pie God
July 29th, 2012
>Not even the gif version

I know you're copy and pasting from imgur, but at least get the better version of this repost.
Pie God
July 29th, 2012
Now I'm not even sure if it's imgur or reddit.
Pie God
July 29th, 2012
Yep, imgur.
Pie God
July 29th, 2012
inb4 whoever's posting these are just randomly skimming through imgur's 4 month old archive and posting random ones
Pie God
July 29th, 2012
It's like I'm really 4 months into the past!
Pie God
July 26th, 2012
This place has been about sprites for as long as SPECIFIC VIDEO GAME BOARDS has been about video games.
@Diamors: anyone remember when this little bitch wasnt a faggot
July 9th, 2012
@WolfieBoy: umad
Some guy (Guest)
July 7th, 2012
I remember that movie
Pie God
July 6th, 2012
>God didn't put us here to fight
u wot m8?